Ask me anything: 15 year old Instagram marketing agency owner


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Just wanted to say welcome to this forum, and nice to have young, fresh and positive vibes around this forum.
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Thank you! I look forward to sharing value with the community :slight_smile:


want to ask you bro what do you think about IGTV do you use it and can you charge client for growing them only with it ?


I was botting on SilkRoad and WoW at your age :joy:


Right now I don’t use IGTV for growth for clients, but I think it’s really interesting as a platform for long-form content. Facebook recently released a feature allowing page owners to monetise their own long-form videos with ad breaks, similar to Adsense, and I’m willing to bet that IGTV will release ad breaks and give their own users a chance to monetise their accounts.


lol facebook helping creators without paying something to have it i think it will be great and for adbreaks is it really making good cash or just some quickbucks because if we compare it to adscence… people are making living with monetizing youtube videos facebook watch i don’t think it’s same thing


I assume this is a full time thing, correct? So my question is - how do you balance work/ school and social life?


This was so ridiculous. No need to comment any more :slight_smile: So now anyone with less experience knows more, wow! interesting!


That’s a difficult question to answer. I’ve learnt to manage my time and automate as many processes as possible. For example, if I have a client paying for content marketing I’ll sit down for 1-3 hours and schedule and write the captions for the next month (30 days), and then sit back and focus on school work, but it gets difficult sometimes, trying to work out what to prioritise.


is the content marketing included in your growth services and do you work fully automation or even manual


Do you take on interns?


My content posting (as part of my content marketing service) is completely separate to my growth service, but depending on the engagement rate of my client and their content, could gain them more followers than my growth service would.


I don’t have an office, and I haven’t heard of online internships (although I’m sure they exist aha), but at this time that wouldn’t be possible. I haven’t taken on enough clients yet to not have to time to manage all of them. As soon as my exams end, I’m back in businesses and I’m going to take on 2x as many clients as I have now.



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Hey Laurence, I believe we did some business a few months ago regarding an IG account. I hope you’re doing well, I hope you don’t mind me asking, Would you like to give an overview of how your customer acquisition strategy look like in regards to targetting and getting clients? How and why did you chose this acquisition strategy? What would you do if you could do it all over again?

Keep crushing it, All the best mate :slight_smile:


Thanks for the question! There are a few different ways I went about client acquisition, but it stemmed from lead generation, and the first thing I want to point out is that cold outreach never worked for me, so you’re looking for warm leads, and if you are going to do cold outreach make it personalised. I’ll list my best sources of leads for Instagram marketing here:

  1. Upwork
  2. LinkedIn building up connections and messaging the decision maker
  3. Instagram outreach
  4. Facebook ads

If I could do it all over again, I would take oppertunities whenever possible with clients. I never got a testimonial from my first ever client because by the time we had stopped working with each other, I had never asked.

The best time to ask for a testimonial, or ask for permission to use them as a case study, or to ask them if they could refer someone to you, is as soon as they have paid you, don’t think it’s too early in, just go for it.

Hope that helps!

Edit: I didn’t properly cover some of your points so I’ll try to add a bit more value.

Upwork is full of warm leads, meaning it’s just simply filling out your applications and waiting.

Whenever you’re doing outreach without knowing whether they want your service, make sure you’re asking them if you could give them a free audit/assessment of their account, providing value upfront gives you the chance to show them how much you know, which they will assume reflects the quality of your service, and 50% of the time ask you more about what you offer.

Whenever someone is open to me auditing their Instagram account, I know I’m already half way there to the sale.