Autotokker update - 4k followers

There isn’t one yet I don’t think

You are crazy if u think TikTok doesn’t care about bots, I used to bot tiktok and thats not true at all

Every social cares to an extent, but the level of action taken it against it is totally different than Insta.

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Congrats on the results!

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doesn’t matter can happen anyway, happend to me

No one’s looking at your followers when they see your video on the foryou page and decide to follow you. This app is way too thought out.


Genius really

up to 17k using this :slight_smile: Need to get more big viral videos though

Views? @oolongo

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200k likes, not sure on total views. Several videos over 100k, 1 at 1.1 million

Judging by your observations it seems like botting isnt necessairly being punished with shadowbans? @oolongo


Absolutely not besides short actions blocks if you overdo it, which happens to overactive non-botting people anyway.

I might try it with a slave ish account. Too bad it doesnt allow more slots


I created an account and the first video I posted was a Car doing a small drift and it got flagged for unsafe content, I removed it, posted like 5 times after that and my videos got 0 views, tried appealing and got nothing, any suggestions?

Restart probably :confused:


I tried to get some infos from their homepage but they’re not specific.

I’d like to know what kind of actions do they perform?

follow / unfollow only? how many x day

comments? how many x day?

any kind of blocks or shadowban? thanks

atm I am doing follow/unfollow by myself
100- max 300 per day

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Its follow/unfollow and I am not sure how many per day. I get like 40-90 followers a day on average. No shadowban at all or anything really. I like it alot

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ok last question;

how many follow x day
do they provide some followback ratio results?
otherwise I could do it manually if it’s just one account

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They don’t tell you so you could probably do it manually, although that sounds like a waste of time aha

You cut videos from yt?

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