Autotokker update - 4k followers

ok guys I signup for a month too!

I am gonna track how many daily follows they will perform.
the website doesn’t work well and let you only choose 3 sources without giving back results, at the moment it didn’t even let me login into the dashboard

"The admin of this site does not allow users to access the wp dashboard.

Go back to the home page by clicking here."

they claim to add likes, comments and more options in the future.

let you know how it will go.


Great information being shared here folks :pray:t2::clap:t2:

Congrats!!! Which automation are you using???

Congrats Are you talking about Autotokker???

Yes, correct. That’s the one I’ve used the most

is autotokker has scheduler? Or is it just f/u tool?

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autotokker after 3 days testing

it follows around 130 profiles x day
start unfollowing only on third day

I confirm autokker does around 120 follow a day and a big unfollow wave on 3rd day.

I haven’t tested other bots but when I did manually I couldn’t follow more than 200 daily with hourly limits.


I think it depends on your account age/standing as well, like Insta. My second account with them was brand new and it was slow and that’s how they explained it to me


How’s everyone’s automation results these days?

I think autokker definitely help a lot till 10-20k followers, if your content are decent u’ll get 50/75/150 followers x day which is very good for personal or business accounts (if u have a viral reposting videos account, different story)

Should be getting MINIMUM of 800-1k followers a day for personal accounts.

I start to think u’re a troll.

if u ever tried the service u’d know they only follow 100-200 max profiles x day.
explain me how 100-200 follow/unfollow per day get MINIMUM 800/1000 back -.-


800 - 1k followers a day with 50% of “User48859649329”

TikTok is a whole bot itself …

@abhorash89 I think he’s talking in a more general way - than only F/U method :slight_smile:

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I’m almost up to 100k :call_me_hand: My initial goal :slight_smile:

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I’m a Troll cause I’m saying good user growth on Tiktok is 1k a day not 100 followers a day?

Errmm… ok?

What’s your average watch time look like for each video? Or does it vary

Oh like the profiles don’t have an actual chosen username, it’s just the generic one given to you when you sign up?

I don’t really know, but many “@user0993844398339309” looking like indians style from the face

looks like it varies between 20-40 secs. What about you? What is a good benchmark?