Best DM Settings That Have Worked For My Instagram Accounts

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Let’s get started, there are many people asking what’s the best DM Jarvee settings? How many DM you can send per day? …

Ok, If you are looking for the best Instagram DM settings, let me tell you that there are no best settings that can work for anyone or for any type of accounts because every account has different factors (trust score, age, how the account was created, the warming up process you are following …) and it depends on the type of proxies you are using.

I was running some tests in the last 10 days and wanted to share with you the settings that are worked for my accounts with different types of proxies.

In these tests, I will do four tests, each test with 5 accounts.

- Newly created accounts with Datacenter proxies:

In this test, the accounts were able to send up to 8 DM per day and 1 DM per hour for two days and got an action block, but one of those accounts got an action block on the first day, after the action block they are sending from 1 to 5 DM per day.

I lost 3 accounts in this test after some verification issues.

Here are the settings used in these tests:

Advanced Profile Settings:

- Newly created accounts with 4G Proxies:

The accounts were able to send up to 13 DM per day for four days, and some of them were able to send to 16 DM per day, but accounts start getting action blocks, and after reducing the settings, they are doing 10 DM per day without any issue.

2 accounts are dead and 1 with APP VERIFICATION.

- Aged accounts with Datacenter proxies:

I can say that I got the same results that I got in the first test with new accounts, there is no big difference, except that the accounts survived after some type of verifications.

All accounts are alive.

- Aged accounts with 4G Proxies:

The accounts were able to do up to 20 DM per day, and some of them done up to 30 DM per day, but I reduced the settings to do only 20 DM per day due to some action blocks, and now they are fine with 20 DM per day.

The quality of accounts and proxies are not enough, because if you keep sending the same text or links in your messages, your account may get blocked or disabled at any time, so it’s better to use a good spin syntax to avoid sending the same message over and over again.

Please check this file to learn more about how to set up a spin syntax:

Also, make sure that you are using scrapers (check this guide to set up the scrapers), and it will be better if you can test between the API and embedded browser, because I found that my accounts do not get some verification issues frequently in the embedded browser as it does on the API.

If you have some questions, please ask in the comments section. And if you want, you can share your best DM settings, it can help someone else, thanks!


Nice Guide! Did you send DM’s to new Followers or only Auto Replies? Could you please share your settings on Auto Replies. Thank you!

great guide Abdel, thanks for sharing, many users will benefit from this :+1: :+1:

nice thread . i have really big problems with sending dms …i used a lot of spintax , still can`t send dm for more than 2-3 days , even with very slow settings .not BLOCKS is the problem , the problem i have is ACCOUNT COMPROMISED ,i used fresh accounts or old accounts , created with 4g , i send dm to new followers or non followers , after some time account compromised , and here the BLOCKS starts , only on DM and i still can do follow with no blocks .so i dont know what more to do … is strange for me that no one have this problem

Thanks for sharing this .

So from your experience, using web browser works better than API ? That’s rather curious …

The auto replies to new messages is not strict as the primary message as I found, but I am using a good spin syntax, and not sending links or tagging users, you can test my settings below and see how it goes

Are you using scraper accounts? You use the API or the EB?

At least for me, you can test both and see what will work better for you

i use scrapers and api only

The guide looks really detailed and usefull. Thanks @AbdelGueraa :pray: :pray:

what kind of DM do u usually send?

Just normal DMs with a good spin syntax, no links.