BEWARE - There is someone stealing the forums content

Hey people of MPSocial.

I just wanted to share with you a website that has completely copied one of my articles written on MPSocial word-for-word and is using it for profit.

Origional Artical Written By Myself

Website That Copied My Artical


I have purposefully replaced " . " with " * " in the link above so I do not help this websites SEO.

If you notice original content on MPSocial being published elseware, feel free to report it down below.

Special thanks to @SkinnyGirl for finding this article with my copied content!


Nothing unusual for a good content, we’ll report it.


Very true! Thanks for reporting it.

  • I have filed a DCMA report with Google

  • I have contacted the hosting provider and submitted a Website Termination Request.

How will you be reporting it? Is there other methods that I am not aware of?


get dem dirt baaaags!


I guess on the bright side, it is an indirect compliment?! haha. They wouldn’t publish it if it wasn’t quality.

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Haha that’s one way of looking at it.


Well, your content is gold for beginners like me so I would see why they’d steal it! Still dirtbag behavior, though. Thanks for taking your time and writing all these guides and tips on here for us; without reading your posts and other people’s posts on MPSocial I would’ve never had the confidence or know how to get started with Mass Planner!


I hope they will terminate the website. There is really nothing worse than someone stealing someones elses content and posting it as their own.


I am so happy to hear my content (along with others) has given you to confidence to get started with MassPlanner :slight_smile:

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I sure hope so too. I would have had little problems if he were to just ask, and give credit. But for someone to say they wrote it drives me crazy.

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I just had a great idea!!

Hey everybody come see my NEW site with all the stuff I wroted my selfs!!

Online losers are lame B. And if you do that shit you suck.


Love it Mr Fonzie! :grinning:


BAHAHAHAHA! You are great! :smiley:


done that as well and sent him a message to remove that as he doesn’t have permission to use it like that, we’ll just have to wait and see…

nice you caught it though.

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Fantastic! Thank you for doing that @Johnny

We are a force not to be messed with :smiley:

Actually I was not the one to discover this. It was @SkinnyGirl who brought it to my attention.

Even better, nice to see the community is united and keeps an eye out :slight_smile:

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Neg seo him. :innocent:

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Cloudflare, Clef, landing full of CTAs, imposible for me to find the right IP with reversetool using cloudflare. Not a noob imo lol.


Not in 2017 :cop:

I was going to post this topic here in the thread but I figured I’d just make a post about it. Because I like the attention :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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