Business model Of instagram giveaways!?

Hello guys!
Anyone know about this business and how it works?

hey @Trunks :slight_smile: Maybe it would help if you would clarify this a bit. What do you mean by this? You are asking about giveaways in general as a tool for promotion, or something else?

Giveaway services providers offer fast IG growth through a loop giveaway. I’d suggest you read these threads to understand how a loop giveaway works:

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I’d stay away from them as you won’t get many quality followers that engage with your content. They’re following you for the giveaway, not what you post. Lots will unfollow after the giveaway is over too.

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Giveaways are useless like it is total waste of money,instead I would spend the same amount in ads/MS/Mass Dm’s reaching my desired auidence seeking quality traffic even if it would be less compared to the giveaway.


You said it all.

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I personally don’t use this and also not recommend u too.

I agree, but sometimes that is not the reason for the giveaways not everyone is seeking quality traffic sometimes they have bad intentions.

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