Buying a used iphone that previous owner had his instagram banned. still good to use?

I was wondering how this would work… say I bought an iphone 6s plus from someone and that person had his instagram banned and then I do a factory reset would that change the phones IP and other info instagram may have that prevents that phone from using instagram, and then I can use instagram on that phone like the app was never even on there?

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The IP changes often when you use mobile internet connection. So that has nothing to do with the phone itself. Factory reset is a good idea but the device ids are still the same. I don’t know how Instagram is looking on that when it comes to running a new account after one was banned before. You will know more if you try it yourself. When the account is super important to you I would just take another phone for that to be on the safe side.


so I had my account banned on my iphone last year but it turned out they didn’t just ban that account they banned me from using the app from my iphone and I couldn’t log into any account and I even tried my sisters and brothers and wouldn’t let me log in so what info do they look at from my iphone to ban it completely … and another question, say if I buy an iphone and they had an issue with instagram and they got shadow banned or banned entirely and never told me, is there anyway to set reset the phone that changes all the numbers, for example, imei, iccid, meid, etc just so It can be like having a brand new phone right out of the box

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Instagram will save the ip, connection not the phone. As Roy said, new connection and factory reset should be fine

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what do you mean new connection?? say the person was using just the regular 4g sim and not wifi, how would the connection change?

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I dont know if they just safe the connection. I just can tell you what I do when I create new accounts on a rooted phone. I change all device ids. But I dont know how things are working when its just about one account.

do you know of any tutorials how you can change the device ID’s? basically I just want it to be like a brand new phone out of the box

The IP changes often when you use mobile internet connection because thats the behaviour of mobiles. When you change the location you have to connect to a new cell tower for example. But when you use Wifi its located somewhere. Thats why the IP changes not often or even stays the same. That is also something which depends on the phone provider.

Read this guide

lol thanks for that… I already seen that manual and plus I don’t have an android I have a iphone 6s plus… do you know of anything that shows how to change a device ID on an iphone by chance?

I dont know how it works on iphone or if it even works. Most of the people use Android for this kind of things. I recommend you to either buy a cheap android for example Samsung Galaxy S4 or to go to a local phone store and ask if they can do it for you. At least I did it like that. Doing this myself was too time consuming and not worth it. We are online marketers and not phone specialists. So in my opinion thats something to outsource and better focus on our main tasks.


If you are out for shopping and you still haven’t got that phone, you can try this method :slight_smile:

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