Can not loggin Instagram (Help Us Confirm You Own This Account)

hi man

have you met this case? Is there any way to solve it? on MPsocial there are people like me: https: //


Hi there. No i never found a solution to the issue and lost a lot of accounts ;(

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Has anyone found a way to fix it? please help me


Same problem here, any solutions?


any solution? i got the same issue here

hey gus,

so this actually just happened to me 30 minutes ago and i managed to get back in.
When you try to log in you should be able to click on “forgot my password”. after, klick on “need more help” and just follow the steps on the screen from there. This helped for me so I hope it works for you


gonna test right now, it’s driving me crazy w/ 10+ accounts on this screen…

let me know if this worked for you

For me it doesn’t work, just the typical FAQ page appears.

There is a way you can bypass this message (“Help Us Confirm You Own This Account”). I am working with one guy, he basically do such sort of things (jacks/claims IG usernames, etc.), so I am not sure whether I can advertise it here. If anybody has stuck into this prompt, let me know. If anybody thinks that this post should be deleted, also flag it :smiley:


I couldn’t find the “need more help” button. This is the screen when I click on “I forgot my password”.

Sometimes it doesn’t show and I haven’tt quite figured out why.
Try typing in your email address and see what happenes.
If that doesn’t work, try again and see if it shows up this time.

HIya, how can you get around this. I’ve been trying but stuck on the help us confirm you own this account page.

I was able to make it work. I clicked on forgot password then need more help and followed the on screen instructions (they ask you to verify a code they send to your email or phone). A few tips here:

  1. Use the same phone app you used to log in before. I tried using a different phone and it didn’t work, I was just sent to the FAQs page again.
  2. You have to enter your username or email in the box first and then hit “need more help”
  3. If all else fails, try contacting Instagram with the “My account was hacked” option. They reply very fast. They’ll ask you a few questions about your activity and emails and send you a link to restore your account.

Good luck guys.


I have tried everything. Nothing worked for me. Please help

Same happens with me…no solution yet. Not anywhere. Instagram help centre is useless.

Happening with me also.

instagram is becoming more and more harder, i have the same problem with some accs

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i got this message to on my account. its to many account.
Help Us Confirm You Own This Account
To secure your account, you need to request help logging in.

anyone can fix it?

Use this method, this really works!