Can not loggin Instagram (Help Us Confirm You Own This Account)


Hi !! Thanks a lot for posting. This method worked for me. I was struggling for over a month for this. Thanks a ton ! God bless you !


This worked.

I’ve been trying everything for over a week with no luck.

Instagram support was useless.

I finally got back into my account by requesting a password, clicking the ink in the e-mail to “secure your account”, opening that link using the Opera VPN browser, and confirming my account details.

I’ve now enabled Two Factor Authentication in hopes that using a 3rd party authentication app might prevent this in the future. We will see.


one question, the people that had this problem had the Instagram account linked with facebook?


Some were linked, some were not.


I have same problems…:confused:


I did the procedures, and it really worked, but this morning the problem returned … I do not know what to do?


Hey can u plzz explain it a liitle bit for me plzzz
I m so stress abour that


Check this post and the thread. I followed @instascalp 's steps.


Hey abbecain,

Really appreciate the tips, however even after following all your instructions step-by-step, this is the email I get after resetting my password:

, Followed by which it redirects me back to resetting my password.

And if I reset it again and try and log in, I get the same “Help Us Confirm You Own This Account” page.

Am I missing something?


Check this:


Shiv_Panikker, exactly the same happened to me. I tried everything. So upset I am. Any luck with your account? Its look like Instagram doesnt recognizing my device. Its keep saying its nit my device but it is.


This doesnt work for me :cry: any other ideas, please?


Hey Katarzyna,

So it finally did work for me…
I got the security certificate in the “social” folder a few minutes later.
I guess you’ve gotta change your password a couple of times until the certificate pops up which is very different from the “we’ve noticed a new login” email.
Also, it won’t be in your primary inbox. either spam or “social”


Hey ShivPanikker,
I changed my password like 100times now. No certificate pops up yet. My issuse also is that instagram doesnt recognizing my device. I have 2FA on and since then all went wrong. Also my account has been hacked… so upsetting. Like, I had only 260 followers and why someone would do that? Thank you for your respone, if you have any other ideas please let me know :blush:



Seems that I cannot fix it for two accounts, does someone can help me?

  • One does’t received the confirmation email
  • The other receive it but it doesn’t fix


Are you trying it with Opera private browser and VPN on?

The same thing re-happened to me this morning and I re-did the procedure over 10 times but all on opera… after around 20 mins I got back in…


that’s the certificate btw…
the first 9-10 times as I clicked on “secure your account here”, it took me to the same "help us confirm you own this account), then after that I FINALLY GOT THROUGH… (2nd time for me)


Hey meenakshi please help me or guide me I am suffering with this problem


Hey but when I click on security that link is redirecting to rest password