Can not loggin Instagram (Help Us Confirm You Own This Account)


Hi Shiv. Yep, done all of that. Opera private, VPN, not let me in. Keep saying my logg in its from Iran, but I am in Ireland. I think hacker changed some settings on my device, no idea how and Instagram its not recognizing my phone.
Emailed them milion times. Following all the precedures but still cant get in.
Thank you so much for texting back and try to help. Thats so kind of you :slight_smile:


Is anyone started to get this thing in Opera Private with VPN after entering a new password to change?



I could look at your account and try to recover it, if you are inrested drop me an email at


Thanks, it works here.


Can you help me with this problem?


Did you faced the same problem? How did you solved the problem?:sob::sob::sob:


Did you have to get a new email each time you click the “secure your account” link? I’ve clicked the same link from one email like 50 times in the Opera browser with VPN turned on and I still get the “confirm you own the account” message. Is there another setting I need to turn on in Opera?
This whole thing is ridiculous!!


Cold you please explain this in a little more detail - for the non-tech people?
I have been dealing with this for a while and am quite stressed!


Give all the information they ask for.


I have been having the exact same problem for around two weeks now it’s so frustrating.


please help me i tried everything even contacted with Instagram support on email they sent me a link to reset my password but still after logging in i’m getting the same message.


Hi, I have the same problem, but I have email on instagram which is not in use, I forgot password long time ago, and I didnt change it because everything worked excelent. Have you any idea how to solve this problem? Thank you

Infinite loop "Help us confirm you own this account"

I have the same problem as you, exactly. Please anyone help us.


Hi Guys,

I’m so sorry to all of you that are locked out. My situation is similar, but not exact so these steps mentioned above won’t help. Have any of you experienced this;

My client logged into his account and got the message that his account had been deleted for not following the terms. However, when I logged into his account, I got a message that said verify this account is you and asked to send a 6 digit code to the phone or email. The code came through on both the phone and email, then I entered the code, and a message popped up saying to secure account and change password. I attempted to change the password, but a message saying “Sorry there was a problem. Please try again”

I cant get past this. I tried from private browsers, different devices and different internet. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestion or help would be so appreciative.:pray:


Facing the same problem here for the third time now. First two times worked exactly like explained via Opera with VPN in like 2 or 3 tries. But this time it does not work. I tried resetting my password and clicking the “Secure your account” link at least 100 times by now with different VPN locations, different computers, different browsers, mobile, private and not private window and I always get back to the “Help us confirm…” page.

Since Saturday it doesn’t even let me change my password anymore. I get a “Oops, something went wrong” page everytime. But sometimes the “Your password has been changed” mail comes still through but with the same results.

I have the feeling that it is meant to be very easy to solve this issue but it is so buggy that it is almost impossible to do.


same stuff, i think they patched the 1st method


Same Thing Happening With Me I have password avrything But There Asking For Code Which is going to that Hackers detail


this exact same thing happened to me. The account is now gone. Did you ever get back in?


Same problem.
Tried to get help from FB support. After few usless advices to reset my password, they gave this answer:

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us, but unfortunately we can’t support this type of request through this channel.
We won’t be able to take any further action on this report. Visit the Help Center to find the best way to report this kind of issue:


They just don’t care)


as I said the first two times were easy to get back in with the method mentioned above. But right now it does not work anymore