Can not loggin Instagram (Help Us Confirm You Own This Account)


same problem with me


Same problem . I reset my pass many times…nothing…


I got same answer.



Hi there! I have been experiencing the same issue for 3 months now and still no luck. I’ve never had 2FA on my account and ever since I tried to switch my account to a business profile, it directed me to the “help us confirm you own this account” page linked to an email I made my account with that has been long deactivated, but not contacting me with the email in my account. I’ve tried forgot password but still brings me back to the same page. It is so frustrating and I don’t know if there’s any solution, please help!


Hi there! Can you privately message me if you know how to bypass the “help us confirm you own this account” message? I have been dealing with this issue for 3 months and it is extremely frustrating. Thank you!


I have tried the methods above with the vpn/browser/proxy,
What worked for me was by logging in through phone, I wold go for the option forgot password, then change the password and chose email as a way to get the password changed again, once the link arrives, don’t open the one from main inbox, go to the social category on your email and there find the email from instagram titled “your instagram password has been changed”, click the hyperlink letters saying “secure your account here” that will take you to a mobile browser page where account info is, and there you can click the option that it’s correct info, afterwards it will log you in there if it succeded, then you should be able to log in with that new password through the app as well. Hope that helps others as it worked for me after days of trying


I need help with this. I logged into an Instagram account I made 6 years ago, clearing it all posts etc. I updated my email to my current email that I use now and when I go to log into it, it tells me to type in code I recieve in an email, problem is I have no idea what the email is. It isn’t the same one that I updated it too that’s all I now. Think you could help me out?


And if you can help me, can you private message me? Thanks


Hi ! I get to the secure your account link but then it takes me back to the first screen of 'Help us confirm your account" :(Any ideas ? Getting very frustrated. Thanks !


Guys. Way to which now’ll sound the same that written me higher. But if you still end up on the same page. You need to do this

  1. Clear cookies in the browser

  2. Change the VPN (force the account to request the code by SMS)

But when the code POPs up by SMS, close the page and click on the link


Confirm by SMS, again close instagram and again click the link that is on the screen above again

After you get to the confirmation page that this is your account, where you need to click “Yes, that’s right” and your account is restored


Also, if there is an email with a link “secure” you do not come, perhaps you have attached is not native mail. Therefore, it is necessary that the mail was native, if there is access to it. You can follow the link here, and reset to the previous mail (native) which was tied

You delete the email that is currently linked. And if your native mail was tied to it before, the binding will be to it. If it was not. you just delete the mail. Therefore, there do carefully


The problem is i can’t change my password anymore. It get a “Oops, something went wrong” page everytime I try to reset it. Therefore I am also not getting the “Secure your account” mail to click the link.

What do you mean by native mail? Do you mean the mail used to create the account in the first place? I changed my mail connected to the account once after recovering from the problem the second time. If I now click “Remove your email” does it change my mail back to the one I used in the beginning?


hi i always get this problem “Can Not loggin instagram (Help Us Confirm Your Own This Account)”
after i confirm and verification and valid… and then in a couple days. i get this issue again.
it never stopped…
and i get so many issue. almost 50-100account get this problem, when i get hit.
how i can pass this? i check my account on page. still active


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Well, I’ll unlock your account for $40.


Same here!! It is the 5th time I got this and it doesn’t work this time. I even tried different devices still no solutions.


Hii meenakshi plz help me
I am also getting the same error from last 10 days :pensive:


Hey, I’ve been having problems with this is there anyway he could help


Did you manage to get rid of this page?