Can not loggin Instagram (Help Us Confirm You Own This Account)

This worked for me! Thanks so much!!!

I wrote in another topic how I managed to fix this: Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

Hello!! Am facing this pls help how can i come out of this??

God bless you…this worked perfectly.


I have tried most of the solutions to this error, such as resetting my password and what not, but whenever I try clicking secure your account I keep getting the same ‘Help Us Confirm You Own This Account’ message. I have also tried Opera VPN but for some reason the VPN isn’t working. Please help me!! :frowning:

guys we should find a solution , i lost a 10k organically followers , i really worked so hard but now i lost everything … Please help me who found a solution i try vpn i try all the methode but no one worked for my account now it’s been 10 days . . .

Hello, my instagram is saying “help us confirm you own this account”, I no longer have access to the email I signed up with. No I did not link a Facebook account or my phone number, if you know how to bypass this screen to login back into Instagram please message me. I will pay if it is fixed. Tried contacting IG support and they said they can’t help basically.

MY GOD! I got the same answer… did you solve it?
Im going nuts just to imagine id lose my ig from 8 years ago

This really works! Very easy. Its only took me a minutes to get my account back! Thank you bro! You’re the man!

I was able to make it work. I clicked on forgot password then need more help and followed the on screen instructions (they ask you to verify a code they send to your email or phone). A few tips here:

  1. Use the same phone app you used to log in before. I tried using a different phone and it didn’t work, I was just sent to the FAQs page again.
  2. You have to enter your username or email in the box first and then hit “need more help” <---- Use this button
  3. If all else fails, try contacting Instagram with the “My account was hacked” option. They reply very fast. They’ll ask you a few questions about your activity and emails and send you a link to restore your account.

Good luck guys.

Hi I’m having trouble fixing this issue. Still says please help us confirm this is your account. I’ve tried with VPN also. Please could you help ? Thank you! Willing to pay for help my email is

Did they send you a link to fix this? And then you no longer saw “ help us confirm you are owner of account “?

Hi , do you know how to fix this issue I cannot get my account back

same im really stuggling here , and when i try to report my account is hacked i get a message saying invalid perameters

I have followed the steps provided by @instascalp After that I didn’t have the same problem, I don’t know if his method still works.

mera nhi hua. pls mujhe bhi bolo na kaisa kiya

I need help. Instagram does not even reply and I can’t get in my account… HELP!! PLEASE…

Hi im getting the same issue here…

Hey did you have to send a picture holding code ?

I got the captcha. Then solved it. Then it went to phone verification. I put in a colombian number, code never sent. I put in a US number and code sent. Then it went to account compromised so I changed password. Now account is VALID and running actions via EB again.

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