Can this be the ending of IG dynasty?

Do you personally believe that the ongoing issues will effect the popularity of IG?
Is it about time for a new platform to enter the market?
What do you personally thing will happen in the future to come.

I know many would believe only the strong and people who can learn and adapt will survive. But when the majority of the clients may not have the economic background to do M/S method or any other method which requires investing more etc…, what then? Will the big boys on this field still find it worth fighting for and why?

Feel free to come with your input and what you believe would happen?


Unlike the follow block waves of June 4th and even before, this new changes affacet only automation so this will no have a huge effect on he popularity of IG!!

We will adapt as we always did, think I’m automation FB and Twitter that are far way harder than IG!! with less feature in Jarvee!!

I don’t do client management and just advice never depend on one stream of income above all online!!

I use automation to generate traffic so even if one SM don’t work I have other working for me, and even if Sm automation die, which is impossible, there I have other weapons to generate traffic and I’m always expanding!!


If Instagram dies, another platform will take it’s place and I will automate. If Instagram doesn’t die, I will automate until it does!


Good points bro. So you are still determined that this too shall pass

defo just the beginning

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Do you believe it will be less attractive to run client management on IG now with all these hassles ongoing?

To your current clients, maybe! To the other millions of potential clients that have no idea what they’re doing, definitely not!


I just noticed images on many profiles are not visible (not loaded) so they are updating something again?

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@rbathija Instagram seems to be down in a lot of places. It’s down got me. Reports on down detector have skyrocketed.


It seems that some images are loading and others only display a gray placeholder background with text that displays the publicly available image detection JSON data descriptor (“Image may contain: food”).

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I think IG is shooting themselves in the foot.

Client management prices will now skyrocket as it will take much more effort to grow effectively. Also if they are getting rid of the growth methods completely people won’t be able to grow their follower base they won’t be interested in having their business on Instagram.

Lets say you have a hair saloon and you want to advertise or grow your follower base anywhere online - back with the IG management growth methods there was a tangible growth for a semi - low monthly price and all now you can do is buy adds which are super expensive and do not provide barely any kind of growth apart from advertising.

Setting up your business on facebook at least gives you some legitimacy with the review system Instagram, however can become now completely obsolete for small businesses. Not only that but with no automation it will drive less traffic through Instagram and with less traffic you get a smaller amount of notifications and therefore less people turning on their app.

Bad business ideas in general if they keep going in that direction i will most definitely backfire heavily.


But if they remove the options of viewing like and comments all of sudden, then the situation might change completely. Maybe to force people to use IG ads. This might be hurtful to client management. Don’t you think?

It will most definitely be and already is hurtful to client management. I think they wanted to increase the ad revenue which they WILL do btw but its not an effective idea long term! People will move to other platforms and the ads will become less effective so people will stop buying.

IG employees think about the next couple of years so they can get their bonuses once they increase the ads revenue, but it looks like they don’t see the bigger picture.

I really hope there will be someone big enough to create something competitive so there wouldn’t be a huge empty hole in the market if their “brilliant” business ideas end up in their demise.

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Like it did on FB.
Good points mate!

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My hypothesis is IG’s ultimate plan is to turn as many people it can into subscription based accounts providing premium content, growth tools, analytics.

Look at YouTube, Twitch, Linkedin or any other platform that aggregates content/people.
The strategy is allways the same:

  1. Get as many people on the platform,
  2. Get as much varied content on the platform to keep feeding point 1,
  3. Monetize the platform: Sell Data > Ads > Shops/Products > Subscriptions for more features.

Also this: Killing Organic Engagement, Creator Accounts, Roadmap to Subscription Model


Because they stop automation and fake likes/followers? No that will absolutely not be the end of IG, hard to say but they will be even more secure, cleaner, better platform without us and our spam. However if they start experimenting some new things like hiding likes counter, i think that could be problem for them as many people will not accept and love such changes (cmon if you have many likes but nobody see that whats the use of it) so either they would restore them or people might search for alternatives. But who can replace FB/IG they have so much money, monopoly… and very smart people working for them.

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Nicely spotted. Indeed this could be a future plan of IG’s.
Will this be success way to go and do you believe people would use this method at the end of the day?

I see what you mean

Instagram may be dead today (5+ hours and counting) for the 4th or 5th time in a month, but this one still got me.

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It just starts up :slight_smile:
In Poland, how companies invest in people who have a lot of observers.
These people bring them really huge profits, their ranges.
I see it myself as a person who has real people on IG and mega popularity.
Increases mega profits.
It will be harder, we need to adapt or wait until “it can improve”.
IG has a huge range and people associated with it.