Can we reset id to unfollow block

Since the thread has been moved to season2 and we’re still at season 1
I’d like to know if resetting id was a good idea.

I read that we could get pv by doing this but i have 5 account that are not working right now and i’d like to make them work.
If any of you have a solution or advice it would be great.
Btw : 5 account represent more than 1/3 of all i have.

it was said to try and use the embedded browser to follow for now. No one really knows BUT there could have been an API update bots arent updated to yet. This is just from what I have read so take it with a grain of salt. In regards to resetting device ID, I did it for some accounts that got hit with it and now they are fine. Make sure to warmup as well after doing this. These are client accounts though so if they are your own, i would honestly wait and see in the next couple of days. These blocks are super random, from what I have seen in addition to looking at my stats.

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Thanks for you answer !
i’m using gmt so i don’t think i can enable the like/follow through Embed browser

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Yeah honestly just wait a couple of days and try again but start super slow and build super slow. Better to be safe than sorry is what my pops always told me

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Always do the actions like resetting id only if you completely understand what are you doing. A lot of members of this forum could be wrong with their theories and “solutions”. Imagine, you reset device id, it means you logged in from the new mobile phone. And then you do it again and again. How often does real Instagram user changing his phone and logging again? I don’t think every 1-2 days.


Despite the fact that Jarvee in their official communicate said that you should reset your ID, it didn’t work for me.

The best way to lift the unfollow or follow block is just wait a few days more. I had a client that didn’t follow our guidelines and followed like 1k users before the update… He had a followblock for two weeks…

Trust me, be patient and just wait a few days more.


So i noticed there are 5 freakin child that get blocks on blocks on blocks … none of them are true blocks

Just wait a few weeks I have 1/3 accounts with problems and are 10% of my micro network.

In that time start reading more methods, improve your creation method, arrange some content and hashtags. So the time passes bots update all regularize you can go hammss

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Wow, I remember making a Topic about this, but can’t access to it again ! :o

Makes sense bro, you reckon using the embedded browser to follow is safe compared to using the API?

Hey Kgnkr,

It isn’t the device ID that causes the action blocks, it is the proxies that we are all using. I am currently split testing 3 different DC proxy providers and one mobile proxy provider and in the span of the last 7 days, all of the accounts running on the DC proxies have experienced some sort of action block (all of them were follow blocked at a certain moment). On the other hand, not a single account that ran on the mobile proxy experienced any action block.

So, while you can try and resetting the ID, I doubt that you would solve anything with this except risking getting PV or email confirmation. If you truly want to experience smooth actions on your account you would have to consider moving onto Mobile Proxies.

Hope this helps!

Nothing to do with that I have 30 accs affected all running in mobile proxies, it’s related to the API as acs can perform action Via EM

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We ´re talking about fake follow blocks

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The past 48/36h a new wave of blocks has started and many had reported this here and elsewhere!! Personally, I got 30 accounts affected all running in 4g proxies ‘‘I don’t run more than 5/proxy at the same time’’
yesterday morning I woke up and all the 30accs are Follow, Like and comment blocked, after some manips I found out that via the EB there is no problem so I asked some folks and been told to reset the device Id, But figured out later that It wasn’t the right move, anyway I reset the Device ID for all the accounts and got about 50% working after that, along the day only 30% are working ‘‘performing actions via API’’ and today most of them can’t perform actions via the API!!

So what’s really going on,?

After some testing, 90% of the accounts can follow and Like via EB using this option:
But no comment as we don’t have this option yet in Jarvee!!

I have some old accounts still follow block since the 4th of June but can like and comment via API using Jarvee!! those are running on residential IPs

AND most Important I have other accounts in Datacenter IPV4 that can Follow via API but have some trouble liking and commenting, but here nothing new!!

The Question now Why can’t follow via API in 4g proxy but can do this via Datacenter and residential IPS obviously not 4G!!

Is IG using this metric to fight automation via 4G proxies??

Please tell me if you can relate to this and what do you think?

Thank you to everyone participating here to keep us moving forwar :slight_smile:


All of my accounts are on mobile. Still getting random

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A statement from @DanielAdmin on this would be nice.
I just would like to now if there is a chance to fix those API blocks with a workaround on Jarvee side, as the problem doesn’t seem to have a wrong settings background. It happens randomly and without any parallel to a limit of actions per day or month. In short: What might be a reason for those API Blocks where clients still can perform follows, likes and comments on their phones (also API) when at the same time those interactions are blocked in Jarvee API?


I did reset the ID and tried moving an account that was ok then blocked but way under the 200 I can follow at home no problem on that account, on jarvee just won’t follow, I’m thinking all my proxies are blocked. So anything that got follow action blocked, proxies seem useless. Who’s got good proxies?

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Yep, so I had cases that following via EB fixed the issue. Now I do still have some accounts encountering issue even tho follow via EB is enabled.

They got another action block the next day. ANy other solution how to fix this would be appreaciated

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Same here look like 40% of the accs are actions blocked even via EB and of course, 100% are comment blocked!!
Still waiting and observing, maybe an update in the tool will be the solution!!
Let’s hope for the best :sunny:

Y es and above all as I said in the previous comment 40% of the accs are actions blocked!!
And have 7% that can still do actions via API!! Strange han!
Seem really random, as some accs with the more actions are working fine and some accs with less actions are blocked!!
For the proxies and the accs origin’‘creation & utility’’ is the same thing so really really RANDOM mesures…
To be continued…