Can't log in - suspicious login attempt

Hey guys. So, long story short I had my account disabled like a year or so ago. I got it back through the IG website form (photo with code on paper) a few months ago. However, when I try to log in (I know my email and password), it shows the suspicious login attempt screen as you can see below. When I request help logging in, I see another form. I fill it up and have no email from IG/FB, even no auto-responser. Tried filling that form multiple times now in the past couple of months with no success. BTW, if I go to the IG/FB disabled account form (or w/e it’s called) and type in my username, it says that my account is active, so I can’t use that form again. Have anyone encountered this issue and if so, was able to find a workaround?

Might be someone using your instagram account, that’s why Insta show unusual login attempt box, though I’m not sure.

Have you check your account activity like new post or new following?

Thank you for the reply. Nope, my account is completely empty: 0 0 0.

Ok, this is getting weird. I’ve just tried resetting my password via the IG desktop site. I put my username and IG says that it has sent a login link to **** I had my gmail linked to my IG, so wasn’t sure why the email domain starts with an “e.” Googled around and found this: And indeed, I put into the IG login screen and they sent a login link to ******* which of course I do not have access to. Seems like IG changes email to email for disabled accounts or something. My search continues…

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Could someone have hacked your account?

I don’t think so. It was empty and was previously disabled my IG.

Why bother getting back an empty account?

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Name probably. I had a great account name that was hacked somehow. Still trying to get it back.

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Makes sense in that case

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That’s the only reason I would think they would care about this account.

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I need my username.

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Yep, pretty much. :slight_smile:

Hey my friend,

after opened IG, on one account there was an allerte where IG told me “to protect your account, we have reset your password. Tap receive assistance and follow the instructions” (in italian, because account is italian).

But when I clic on “send email” or number of phone, IG doesn’t send me nothing. How can I do? It’s very hard that situation… :sweat:

How do you work around this issue? I get it whenever I login from my phone using any browser, which is a bummer, because OAuth requires a login using a browser. But when the security code arrives, the instagram page redirects to the startpage, forgetting the API request sent through its own official login page. Does it help to turn on 2FA?

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Hi, I have this account with an instagram username but I mistakenly removed the email associated with it and now it turns out to recover the password by sending it to the mail that I never entered. I don’t understand how it happened. Can you help me urgently? Thanks a lot.

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Aside that, you do not mention how you created this account?

Did you create it yourself?
Did you buy this account from someone?
By any chance you managed to use a number to register on the account?
Do you have access to the OG e-mail?

I apologize for the bad use of the forum, but I’m pretty messed up;) The Instagram account was created by me with the Gmail email but unfortunately without a phone number to register. It is used for my father’s food sales business. I have access to the Google mail but obviously I do not have access to the mail that I have never created. Unfortunately, I have removed the email from the account. When I try to enter Instagram I have the error shown in the figure.

Thanks for the support

So basically no access to a verification number or e-mail.

Did you use your residential ip address or mobile data to create tge account?

If you have used used your residential ip address and still have access to it, you still may have a slight chance to recover it. But if you used mobile data or any changing IP, and you have no access to original e-mail or phone things looks worse.

Can you by any chance prove that your father is the accountholder? Any pictures of him on his profile selling his items?

yes then I am not aware if the ip address with which the account was created is residential since I changed provision two months ago. The problem arises from the fact that the account was created in 2019 due to a consultant who made the creation for me but in my presence. The instagram profile is shown in the photo.

Is there any possibility of recovering it?

To be honest I see no other way than reporting it lost or hacked. All other possible options retrieving the account seems to be closed.
Maybe others may have suggestions? Feel free to put in your two cents.
But missing the number and the e-mail makes it hard. Also now that you don’t have access to the original IP either, another possibility is lost.
Try applying from the original e-mail which was connected to the account.
In these times you may face a looooong journey ahead of you. But if you insist having this account back, you gotta be persistent.
Now you don’t have access to 2nd lvl here yet unfurtunately. Henry cooper has made a great tutorial for that. But to gain access you gotta work your way up to 2nd lvl. However you can look for a good guideline online, which can show you how to retrieve a lost account.
On the otherhand, the account seems to have a couple of hundred followers. See if you can somehow manage to drag them to another account if you find that possible ofcourse.

Wish you great luck and happy easter.