Comeback to Jarvee in 2020?

Hi all!

I was wondering about to get back on jarvee. I am more than year out of this business but I always got some automated likes and follows from bots… So I know it must work always!

I wanted to know, if it is good option to buy Jarvee again and find some setting where it can go without problems, getting blocks and temporary blocks.

Also what is the best proxies to use.

Can someone give some advices? Or is pointless to start again? Thank you all


There are many of us here who are using Jarvee continuously. Instagram is more strict than it was before, but Jarvee implemented a few solutions that can help to get rid of action blocks or at least to reduce them.

These are some of the threads that you can check:


I don’t think it’s pointless. However, you can’t start and just spam the hell out of your accounts.

If you decide to start, I suggest you write down your goals and strategy and you should always take the safer route with less actions and more human-like interactions.

As Bianca pointed out, there are threads here that can help you get up to date with the current “state of affairs”.

Also, as a rule of thumb, try a business-like approach and find a way for your accounts to actually offer good content (posts that people really engage with).

Jarvee still works but it’s much harder and you need to have high quality accounts warmed up.

If you keep your actions low it can work but it’s a little random. Some people keep getting blocked/banned while keeping the actions low.

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I have put Jarvee to rest and found a few alternatives ways to promote my accounts!

I started automating about 3 years ago, took a break for about 2 years, and came back a few months ago. Instagram has made it a bit harder, but Jarvee has for sure combatted the changes. Scrapers, nightmode, contextual actions, etc are all things that limit the amount of actions on your account(s) and help make your accounts act more like a human.

Hey @Tomas_Jacko

Check out threads that @Bianca shared, also, contact support for 5 days free trial so you can test it out.

Can you share some?

There are a lots of new stuff that you need to follow regarding how to use Jarvee properly. The tutorials and threads thta Bianca pointed are relevant but if you are still not sure you can always contact their support and you’ll get pretty much all the informations you need.

I wouldn’t say there is a provider that has proxies which are working great for all users. You should test them from couple of different providers, I am sure you’ll find the ones that are working for you. When it comes to what proxies to purchase, 4G Mobile proxies are the best.

my advice. try it first before you buy it again, and calculate your investment with comparative bots whether it is still feasible or not

J works fine as long as you know what are you doing and willing to put time into it.

Buttt… elections are coming soon :hushed:

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I use Vurku now to find content and repost. It has been working great for me


Yeah, it’s possible. It’s a lot expensive now but it’s still working also you can’t do anymore 700-800 actions with no problems on a random proxy. Now the 4G proxies are a must.

Hey Tomas :slight_smile:
the answer is 100% - yes , it is working

the question is - how?
it will take more time for sure, more testing, and more energy but if you will do it right - it will work.

you can check my video explain about the new ways to work with jarvee for 2020 -

It’s definitely not pointless. You can’t do as many actions as you did years ago, but you can still get good results when using Jarvee. High quality accounts and proxies are needed. You also need to use contextual actions and scraper-main account method.

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How do you determine ‘quality’ of a profile?

the account age, how the account was created, what actions have been done on the account. is the account warmed up properly…?

a high quality profile is an account that was created legitimately, have some good posts, nice engagement, never bought any likes or followers, has a verified email or phone and working from a good and stable IP address.

what is criteria for high quality acounts?
should I buy them?