Complete Database of Instagram Location ID Numbers in 2019

Hello everyone :upside_down_face:

I am in the process of creating a complete database of Instagram Location IDs by city. The data for each city is contained in its own PDF, or table on-site.


  • URL slug
  • Location ID
  • Location Name
  • Post Count

Instagram Location ID Database

If you would like to request a city to be added, please do so in the comments. I will prioritize requests in chronological order. Please do not request more than 3 cities at a time, as it is a time consuming process and I would like everyone to benefit.



got indian and it’s cities?

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Please request a maximum of three cities and I will prioritize them for you.

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mumbai… delhi… kolkata

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Miami, FL (United States) :fist:t3::pray:t3:

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LA, website is very clean

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Hi OP, are you scraping from the locations directory found here:

Or from outside that directory, to get other locations?

I see on your website it mentions that ‘we have only included the most notable locations in each listed area’, thats something very different than ‘complete database of Instagram Location IDs’ as you mention in your post here.

Not complaining about your offer to scrape some location ID’s, but trying to understand exactly what it is that you are offering.

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Thanks man could you do Mexico City as well as Monterrey and Guadalajara?

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Hi there, thanks for your questions.

Yes, the location directory is naturally where I’m getting the information from.

When I say ‘most notable’ locations, what I’m referring to is a hierarchy based on the most popular cities within each designated country. The cities which I compile data for will primarily be based on requests, and thereafter on my own sound judgment.

In terms of titling it ‘a complete list’, that is referring to the end-game of the database, however it’s naturally an impossible one, given there are thousands of new locations created every day - which is why focusing on primary locations first is my concern. There are many sub-location groups that would not be too useful to immediately compile, as they contain too low a post count.

Further, spending some time on the location directory will reveal that a lot of the links are broken. Our lists exclude all broken links at the time of creation.

Most notably, it is presented in a downloadable format which can easily be internally stored on a device. My vision is that anyone managing a clientele can visit our directory when they’re managing a relevant client from a specific location, and obtain the relevant data within a few clicks. This is also a place that can be returned to with confidence whenever a new location is needed.

Although there are only a few locations currently included, in a few weeks it will be substantially larger, and will continue to prove a more valuable resource.


Amazing idea, sir! Could you please add Spain and Argentina, please?

Thanks in advance!


Thank you kindly! Please specify 3 cities within those countries and I’ll see to it.

Argentina: Buenos Aires, Santa Fe (these will be enough)

Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Granada

Thank you very much!!

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Great, thanks for your reply @embraceone, very clear and in depth. What you say is true, many locations are churning, coming and going, and there are many little ones that are not worth while for most people. But it is nice to have as many as you can and choose from what you have collected :slight_smile:

I was wondering cause I also do a lot of location scraping and was curious what kind of locations you are collecting. I think locations are great sources for targeting, very good of you to share these sorted by city for quick reference when needed. Good luck collecting all of the locations on IG!

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Riverside, Los Angeles, Ontario


Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover

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I’ve just added Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata to the database.

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Can you update some locations from EU, I am targeting users from EU, especially UK

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Sure thing. Are there and cities you’d like specifically?

I’ve just added Miami & Florida Central to the database. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you kindly. I passed your complement on to our developer! I’ve added Los Angeles to the database for you.