Instagram for Business Categories in 2019

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I created a complete list of Instagram Business Categories, which you may find useful in your targeting

Instagram for Business Categories List | Over 1000 Types

Complete Instagram for Business Category List

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About Our Instagram for Business Categories

Our data for this specific list was generated by cross checking the Instagram For Business categories of over 400,000 Instagram accounts. It is presented in alphabetical order on-site and will be updated regularly to include any new categories. If you know of any categories which are exclusive to the business account type which are not included in our list, please feel free to let us know and we’ll include it.

Choosing a Business Category on Instagram

Your Instagram for Business category will affect who sees your content, according to their interests. For example, someone following a hashtag such as #socialmedia may be more likely to see your content if you are in the ‘Social Media Agency’ business category. Similarly, Instagram suggests accounts on-profile which are in identical or similar categories. There are over 1000 business categoriesin our list, and when you choose your category you will be able to use a search functionality within Instagram to choose it (this is a relatively new feature). Our list will allow you to choose the most relevant category for your business, giving your Instagram the best chance at success within your relevant industry.

Types of Instagram Accounts

Instagram provides an exhaustive variety of business and creator account types. Although there are an abundance of options available, there are so many that it is almost impossible to easily decide on one, or know which category may be best for your brand. For this reason, our live-chat agents will help you decide on a relevant category on-site. Just visit the provided list of categories and chat to our support team if you’re struggling to choose one.

Does Changing to a Business Account Affect Reach on Instagram?

Types of Category Choices Vary With Location

You may be able to choose certain types of Instagram Business categories based on your location, while others may not be available to you. You can try logging in from an international IP in order to make other categories available, however this isn’t guaranteed to work.

Need Help Choosing Your Instagram Business Category?

If you’d like advice on which category to choose for your account, feel free to post your Instagram username in the comments and I will personally suggest the best category type for you.


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