Constant Follow Blocks

Hello guys

Few days ago I set up 3 accounts in Jarvee. Each day 1 account. I created the accounts myself on my phone few months ago. In the past 2-4 weeks I did everything manually, Posting 3x a day, Follow 400-500 a day and Likes Few ones. Few days ago I set them up in Jarvee on 4G mobile Proxies from @HenryCooper and went back to 300 Follow for warmup, increased the follows by 25 each day. Now, some days past, all this 3 accounts get Follow blocks for a short time, then after Break they follow 2-3 people in 30min timeframe and then Block again. I already paused the Tool for 2 hours today and Changed my settings with the “Jarvee Action/per day calculator” but it didnt solved the problem. I can post my settings if needed. To mention I reposted for the First time Yesterday but only on 1 account. I Wonder how if it can effect everyone Account?!

The Last days everything worked without a Problem. Just today constant Blocks for follow.

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You should give the following a rest for at least 24 hours after a follow block. Then take it super slow and build back up.


With the same numbers?

no. start with a few actions per hour on the first day and build back up slowly. It needs to be like grandma got addicted to IG over a couple weeks.

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I know. I did that already. Does that mean I have to start from beginning? I was warming up this accounts over 1 week now. When I start at 100 that will take 1-2 weeks again

Yes, also dont start at 100. Start with 30-40.


warm them much slower


I think that you started initially with too many follows per day.

I added a stagnat, 8 months old account to Jarvee recently and it run into similar issues when I started at 150 follows per day.

Did you try to give it a day or two rest and start with around 50 per day?


I were at 400-500 follows manually with my phone, they were warmed up a lot
Why should I go back to 30-40? The followings are at 5000-6000 already

So warming accounts at the phone is worthless?

yes, it’s about warming up your IP address too - not just the device or account.


Wow, I wasted so much time… Really annoying
Anyways thank you guys!

What do you mean by that?

Also, there might be an issue with JARVEE that they will release an update for soon. But for now, see if it will follow using the EB (yes I know), if it will follow using the embedded browser then it might be a couple of things and might only need an update.

Something else you can do is use an account to scrape followers to be sent to the account that is having trouble following. You are basically setting up a slave account to scrape who you want to follow and reducing the number of API calls on the main account. It usually allows you to follow more users and have less blocks.

Of course, it could also be more wonderful things from IG as well.


Mobile or Raw-Mobile?

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I meant that I have done everything manually over the last 2-3 weeks on the phone (Follow, Likes, Posts) and thought I can get back to the number of actions again. Going back to 0-25 and warming up from the beginning takes longer than if I had done that from the start.

Okay, thank you. I have not used these scraping tools yet, I will try and read about them here in the forum.

Does API calls mean having more activity on your account with more Follow Sources and Follow filters?

I also read this article:

Now Im afraid that the reason for the follow blocks is the IP or Device ID. Like I said I created the accounts on my phone few months ago (no Device ID change, just created them there).

I also created 5 other accounts, but them with an incognito browser with few extensions (WebRTC Leak Prevent, Random User-Agent, Ghostery). I started this accounts too on my phone in the past weeks (uploading, following, liking). Every day I created one account and it worked fine in the browser. But now Im afraid that they get follow blocks too. (I didnt used my mobile connection for creating the accounts). Are the extensions and incognito mode enough?

I just panic because, I did a lot of work on this accounts. And Im working the whole day on them and want to use the time as efficient as possible, because I add just one account on the proxy everyday for safety. I want to know if I can go on with this work flow: Create in browser, warm up on phone and add to Jarvee with the same follows, likes and posts as on phone.

Raw Mobile
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Try to run them in different shifts, just to make sure it is not something inter-account related. Also if you cannot figure it out on the accounts, open a ticket with me linking to this thread and request a Raw-Mobile Trial so you can split them up and see if that fixes the issue.


Do you mean that?

  1. account: 6:00-12:00
  2. account: 12:00-18:00
  3. account: 18:00-0:00

Yes! See, if that helps. Sometimes also heavy targeted follows can cause blocks. Remove all filters and follow users that post in hashtags like: cat,kitty,cats,cute (as long as they are related). See if that helps with the blocks.


Okay thanks, didnt thought about that.
I will try. Otherwise open a ticket -on the same website I ordered the proxy?

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