Creating and growing instagram accounts

Hello everybody! First of all, I would like to say that I am very thankful that there is such a forum! I have already read some posts and would like to thank everyone for helpful information.

A few months ago I tried to build some accounts and unfortunately gave up, because I found neither a way to create accounts in masses yet to verify them. I was very frustrated because I made a detailed plan at the beginning.

Now I want to give it a try again. My plan looks like this:

  1. Buy proxy from “SSL Private Proxy”
  2. log in with this proxy in the browser and create a gmail account
  3. Buy mobile number from “SpeedyVerify” (real sim cards)
  4. have the Gmail account verified with this number
  5. create an account in the browser in Instagram (continue with the same proxy)
  6. if necessary have this account verified again with the same mobile number
  7. insert the Instagram account in Jarvee and build it up slowly: add profile picture, fill out bio, number of likes, followers increase by 25-50 per day

What do you think? Is this the right way? I am open and thankful for suggestions for improvement.


If you plan to create accounts on a datacenter proxy you will have a very hard time.

If you just need a few accounts it’s better to create them on your phone under 4G connection and then importing them in Jarvee and using that proxies.

Last, if you plan to keep those accounts for a long time then directly look for residential/mobile proxies, else, if you only need to spam they “might” be good enough.


Thank you for the reply!

I already heard about this 4G mobile proxies and yes I’m interested in long term use building them up to 10-50k followers. There are some questions in my mind now:

  • On my phone I’m limited to creating 5 accounts and I already did that.
  • Where can I get 4G proxies?
  • Isn’t it dangerous to first use the IP address of my phone and then change it and insert it into Jarvee with a new one?

A factory reset should be enough to reset the unique identifiers checked by IG, but don’t want to put my hand on fire. You need to test this or wait for someone else to reply.

HenryCooper, Verona, mindeswx or PrestigeProxies (check this sellers, don’t want to tag them for nothing) are the first I think about. Marketplace is visible only when you reach an higher level on the forum :slight_smile:

Would be better to always stick to the same ISP but nothing bad will happen if you connect them to a 4G proxy in Jarvee.

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I researched and read a very informative article about residential proxies / mobile proxies:

The article recommended “Luminate Proxies”. How many accounts can you run on a mobilie proxy? Should I also create the Gmail and Instagram accounts through this proxy?

I like this level and trust thing a lot, because we can be sure that information from high level person is very unlikely trash. Moreover I can go a bit deeper into this topic before investing my money actually. What do you think of luminati proxies? Ever heard about them before?

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Luminati proxies use hola(A popular chrome extension to unblock site) users bandwidth. If you can afford it, then it’s totally fine. Here I see many people recommended henrycopper proxy, though I use my own setup to manage only few accounts.


Thank you @YodaMaster :slight_smile:

If the quality of the proxies is good I’m ready to pay the price. As mentioned in the post, it did not work for me in the beginning, so now I want to do it professionally.

Do you know how much an automated Instagram account consumes in about GB? On the website “luminati” there was talk of 1 GB per residential proxy.

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People use luminati, who’re doing that in mass level more like agency or pro guy. Because there each IP is residential and used by many people who are not doing spam at all. Henrycopper also have such a proxy and doesn’t allowed spam account to maintain it’s quality, but still luminati is top choice for any agency or pro guy.

Other pro guy also setup their own thing to save huge money on proxy.

Regarding consumption of bandwidth, then it’s depend on your setting. And mostly it’s depend on if you do your action(like/follow/unfollow etc) via API or Embedded browser.

If you use Jarvee then you will know that there is two option which you will see everywhere, for example if you go to your instagram profile in jarvee and click on “show advance option” then you will see there option like “Follow users via API only” “Like users post via API only”, so here API call consume very less bandwidth(like only in kb), but there is problem with that. When you do mass following/likes, then Instagram will block your API calls means no like/follow on any action. That time jarvee use embedded browser to follow/like action, which open real browser and do follow/like manually, so there you can see images on instagram which means it need to download it before it display to you, so on that, your browser will consume 1MB on every 4-8 action(like/follow etc).


Okay thank you for this big answer!
I calculated and this residential proxies are actually to expensive. I want to grow accounts and sell them and the price would be to high to be profitable.

What would you recommend to choose to stay safe but not spending too much money on it? 10-20 $ for everys account proxy is too much.

I will read the articel about the own setup in depth. Did he created one proxy? Or a VPS with multiple proxies?

Those sellers who sell their proxy in marketplace(which is accessible to level 2 users only) are fine,cheap and will work if you do things properly. People not complaint about it often. You will find more henry like sellers here if you dig more into forum without level2 badge.

The guy who create proxy with raspberry is not like VPS/datacenter proxy. It’s real genuine residential IP, you can consider it like you’ve smartphone and you enable hotspot and then you connect it to your computer. I have tried such a thing, but it’s break everytime, it’s time consuming when you don’t know more about it…

He use raspberry which is tiny machine that can run ubuntu like OS, then he connect 3g dongle, and then he install proxy software which allowed to use that IP with authentication.


okay i will try my best, thank you @YodaMaster

Okay I’m not a IT specialist so I would not do better then you I think so :'D

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Mobile proxy are the best, create account with those, use your phone 4g connection shared to the pc and reset the ip each time.
While for running, if you don’t wanna use mobile ( which will give less problem and bans) you should make your own proxy using a cheap vps.

Good luck! :smiley:

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Just today its possible for me to answer because Im new in this forum and yesterday already asked 20 interesting questions :smiley:

Back to topic:

  • When I charge a mobile proxy, how do i set it up on my phone?
  • What do you mean with reseting exactly and what does that actually?
  • Let’s say I create an account on my phone with the 4G mobile proxy, can I put this account in Automation Software (e.g. Jarvee) with the same 4G mobile proxy again? In my eyes that should be the safest way
  • Is it possible to create an account with the 4G mobile proxy in the PC browser and on my phone both? Or would you really recommend doing that on the phone for safe?

Sorry for asking that much questions, but I try to be as specific as possible for learning how to automate properly and safely :slight_smile:

The forum is filled with usefull post and guides, just user the search function, all your question are very popular.
Start from here. which is a great way to make safe accounts.


Okay @Broked
I will go on reading and learning, thank you for the link :slight_smile:

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The top of the post, is it new information or from 2011?
Im new here so I just want to ask, if big topics change their main advice on top from time to time.

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11 january 2019


What the heck! I can’t read anymore :smiley:
Thanks :smiley:


No need to setup mobile proxies on your phone, it already has a 4G connection if that’s what you need :slight_smile:

Put phone in airplane mode and back in normal mode, it will get a new IP from your carrier

Yes but you won’t be able to create many accounts on a single phone without spoofing your phone unique identifiers (think requires root)
Just look into and use it on your PC sharing your 4G connection to the PC