Creating multiple Accounts on LinkedIn

Hi guys,

so im providing LinkedIn Services for my clients where im creating new Profiles to build a network for them. I have the problem that every time after the account creation, the account gets restricted after some days. Whats the reason?

I used dedicated IPV6 Proxies with the Provider proxy6 to create them. Is it because of IPV6 itself and that i should use IPV4? Or is it because of the provider and the Proxies arent individual? i would be grateful for your help

What actions did you do on the accounts after you create them? Did you try to warm them up? How many accounts do you use per IPV6 proxy?

im doing nothing. i just wait some days. no Action there. And still they get restricted. i create one Account per Proxy

I could imagine this scenarios:

  • You logged in the account to test them on one IP and that’s where you linked them
  • You use the same Ipv6 pool which is not so difficult for LinkedIn to find (maybe try 4G Proxies or Residential ones)
  • The IP’s you used are already on a blacklist

Could all be the case. IPV6 is always the worst way to go with proxies. Especially because you never know if the provider set it up correctly. Worst case: It leaks the Ipv4 of the Server and you basically try to create all of the accounts with the same IP.
Rotating Mobile Proxies might be a solution here

Thank you for your reply. It helped me a lot.

What about IPV4 Proxys. Are they a better alternative?

you can try them as well and see how it goes and instead of creating many accounts just create one or 2 to test and see if they will survive or not.

Did you completely fill in all necessary information for the LinkedIn account, including a profile photo?

Yes, it could also be that the IPs given to you were recycled and LinkedIn had them banned already…