Different Strategies for Getting Pinterest Traffic

I don’t know anything about how Pinterest works besides it appears there are followers for accounts. I read this: http://mpsocial.com/t/getting-traffic-from-pinterest-with-mass-planner/3015/17 and it sounds like that strategy is based off faking engagement so that Pinterest gives you additional reach.

Are there ways of auto-following and auto-liking that can build a following instead of buying 20 additional proxies for new Pinterest bot accounts?

So far, I’ve been auto-following and auto-liking the biggest accounts in a niche and seeing almost 0 results with it.

Yes, you just have to target very good and your boards also need to be good and profile to look ok to get some follows back. It works like on any other social platform.

very intersting thread, ill share my strategy and what i’ve been doing

Accounts 1 & 2 - these are some of the first accounts I made with pinterest. They have 2.5k - 3k followers, i pin on boards that belong to these accounts. I also get a lot of group board invites which I share with my other accounts. I do about 20 pins to my website a day on each account. I reuse the same 15- 20 images that are custom made for my site

Accounts 3 & 4 - these accounts have between 1.5k and 1.8k followers, i pin to boards that belong to these accounts. I do about 15 to 20 pins on each account a day. again reusing the same 15 - 20 images. these 2 are run on proxies.

Acounts 5 & 6 - for these accounts i make use of the group boards from my first 2 accounts. Accounts #5 & #6 pin to group boards that are related to my niche. These accounts do 15 - 20 pins a day.

I have 6 more accounts that are just repining and following people to look normal. I have had these accounts just following and repinning since about decemeber. They have between 200 - 700 followers each.

I think one bad thing about my strategy is using the same images over and over. Im trying to include new images but it costs money to buy new ones.

I get around 200 - 300 people a day right now. Some days I go viral and get between 500 - 600.

If any one wants to exchange group board invites let me know. I mostly have food boards and healthy living boards


Hi, Interesting reply there. I have a question for you, so in total you have at least 12000 followers and by posting 20 times a day you get 200-300 people per day to visit your website from each account?

Looking to do the same here.Thanks

I get 200 - 300 in total. The new accounts are pretty recent, I added them in December. Before with just 2 manual accounts I was getting like 100 -150 a day. Im hoping in a few months the extra accounts will improve my overall traffic

Thanks for your reply. I’m thinking to do the same

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Hi, it’s me again. I forgot to ask you. What about traffic?Is Pinterest traffic mostly from the U.S and Tier 1 countries? Thank you

yes mostly us and uk