[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


I am only following and unfollowing on EB.
So far today, so good.
I am not commenting or liking at this time


Unfollow using EB works for me. Home residential IP. No proxy


A decent amount of followblocks and some Account Compromised’s, not deadly atm



i’ve reseted device ids to run again Unfollow via EB


Alright guys, so I have the unfollow through EB enabled. I was noticing some accounts arent performing as many unfollows as they should be. I went to enable the tool again and it jumped to the next operation being in 2 hours. I go back to check if I have a red pill and it is blue. I open the EB and try to unfollow someone and have an action block on unfollow. Weird.


I use proxies from @henrycooper. They are US based and their service is perfect. However, I am in Europe. And I think IG doesn’t like all my European accounts on American proxies. ALL my accounts have received follow, like, unfollow blocks after I started using the US proxies and now 25% of the accounts are completely blocked with Instagram calling them “compromised”. I also need to do phone verification every day on about 10% of my accounts.


Im having a little issue and im not sure if anyone has noticed what I have noticed.

I have set my accounts to unfollow using EB which is great. I personally went onto the EB and watched jv unfollow users and I was getting action blocked yet jv still said that user xxxx was unfollowed successfully and then moved onto the next user and same thing applies.

I have unfollowed 9 users today according to Jv but when I go and type those users that were ‘unfollowed’ into either the EB or my personal phone I can still see that they are still not unfollowed.

What is happening?


I have been interested in doing that, but how many hours a day are you running JV?
8 hours follows and 8 hours unfollow?
or do you just run JV 24hrs a day?
Thank you.


So guys I have a really strange situation. I am using only API from the start. My accs are manually made on display phones in stores with 4G. I have 30 accs. 10 on DC, 16 on HC 4G. I am still in the warmup process, so far there is no problem with liking and following at (around 60/day, each day more). But from one day to another my accs stopped unfollowing. Jarvee says “there are no users to unfollow”. I have really randomised settings. I still can follow manually from EB, but I wouldnt like to switch to “Use EB if blocked” cause I think it would be a flag on the long term.

What do you guys think?


With my selenium based bot, I noticed instead of unfollow block message, the unfollow sometimes just wouldn’t stick. So I added a page reload after each unfollow to double check the unfollow actually went through.


Yep, similar to that, with a nice rest time.


No users - just add a crap ton more sources, I had about 20, got same errors - and I put about 60 in and it doesnt show up anymore


I stopped using J for follows two months ago. I tried following manually and using J to unfollow. This method worked for about two weeks. Then I would get temporary follow blocks on the phone after following 100 people. I reduced the manual following to 100 a day. I got a three day block. I tried to follow again. I managed to follow 50 people, I got blocked again from manually following.
After Aug 5th I got the unfollow block.
I’ve been reading around here and staying quiet, but right now I feel so frustrated to understand my efforts are going nowhere.
When the like exchange died, I switched to doing more IGTV and I still got pretty good engagement. Whenever I post a photo, the likes are super low. I tried using Telegram groups for likes (24h likes). I liked manually, not using a bot. Yesterday I was supposed to get 300 likes via this method. They were deleted by IG and I got the “change your password, you’re using methods to get likes” message.
My understanding is IG is forcing everyone to be completely “clean”. Using “grey” methods such as Telegram no longer works.
As for J, I feel that it has become too difficult to use, like I need to ask someone for help to grow, while it was always quite easy to understand.
Anyone else feels the same?


this is the 3’rd user that get blocked in 4G only doing 50 likes to feed for 2 weeks.
The API is DEAD.
Wait for next solution (there are some).


Hello! Noobie question but how do we set MP to unfollow using EB only? The social Platforms tab under the setting also allows it for Follow only


When using EB… I noticed when the follow action is blocked… I checked unfollow its also blocked. Are you guys experiencing the same?

Before its not like this. If my account got follow block… Unfollow still works…


I got blocked the second day without even doing a single unfollow… Better luck next time hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:


Following only via EB and have had 90% of the 200 accounts I manage unfollow blocked.


hey are you doing any other actions via api? like coments? dm’s? story views?
also can you tell us how many unfollows you were doing everyday


According to my tests new unfollow limits are 300 per day.

I’m doing 270 to be safe.