[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


Anyone has sollution for unfollow block?


Nothing, probably going to be in the next update. I would not mess with it for now.


You mean JV update?


shit a lot of problems nowadays


no blocks from 5.8, I am using mobile proxy, 1 month old account: http://prntscr.com/opix33


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Got this yesterday for the first time! Damn!
Using Jarvee with very low settings, less than 100 follows over 8 hours.


Two accounts Follow & Unfollow blocked this morning from a home proxy after 32 and 127 unfollows & 0 follows. (running on the same proxy)
The third account on the same proxy is still unfollowing.
Never seen an unfollow block before.
Got the “we restrict certain content and actions to protect our community” message on all the blocks.
Mobile working fine for F/U/L, so it’s just on the software.

Only using EB for follow / like which has been working quite nicely until a week ago when I started to see the occasional temporary block. Started seeing a strange pattern of temp follow blocks on multiple accounts so shut down Jarvee for 24 hours on the 5th.

No compromised messages or anything else, but I only run a very small number of accounts.
Will let you know when the third account on the proxy gets blocked!


I have the same problem, but im using EB and API, and also 4g proxy. Don’t know what is going on. This unfollow blocks are strange.


IG knows you are using automation, no matter what method you use.


Wrote message about this to Jarvee support will see what they say.


I agree. This is for sure an api issue. This is the exact same thing that was happening with the follow blocks after the June IG update. I also sent Jarvee a ticket yesterday and have not heard back from them which is unusual.


I wrote them message yesterday also, still no reply, lest spam them with messages, they will fix it fast :joy:


Also sent a support ticket, let’s hope they are on top of it.


Has anyone received reply from Jarvee team about unfollow blocks? What’s strange - after 4/6 they immediately added “comment always via EB” option, but why no “unfollow always via EB”? Can it be much more problematic to them?


That’s what I was thinking. You’d think the development team would have already been working on this.


Answer from JV team:

“We will release a new update soon with the unfollow using the EB option.”


Still no reply ;/


uff nice cant wait :wink:


account only do unfollow been blocked. wired.