[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


On one of my account unfollow was blocked, i cleared cookies than started doing actions for 2 mins and follow got blocked too, but only in jarvee…


We need to wait and see how the new IG limits behave, then adapt the settings, a Jarvee update will not solve this.

Edit: after seeing the JV update, maybe a bug in the last version caused this. :sweat_smile::laughing:


I hope that problem is caused by jarvee update :confused:


Good luck with that my friend. My personal experience with their support team has been utterly excruciating.


Yes faced the same issue with an account that was working perfectly fine on our residential broadband IP.

Can someone advise on a good proxy provider? We only have one account working properly because it is on our residential IP but the rest we have to use proxies because we don’t want to use it for more than one account.

Kindly advise!


definitely not a JV only issue. My selenium bot is hit by unfollow block (mine is more of a unfollow wouldn’t stick rather than a block message like a follow/like block)


It has got to be an API issue. All of my accounts are running fine right now with follow, likes and story viewing, all done through EB.


IG updates sometimes go in waves (not deployed to all users at once), so just because it hasn’t affected you in EB, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an API issue. My selenium bot (probably similar to how JV’s EB works) can’t unfollow anymore either.


I never had problems with jarvee support until now- they don’t reply :smiley: , but jarvee causes a lot of problems now


EB doesn’t offer unfollow. That’s what I’m getting at


Now it doesn’t offer but as far i know they are going to realise updarte soon


Hmm interesting, is going to be a very hard year for automation.


I think they have a massive backlog of support tickets, they will not be able to reply for days. I wonder how many customers they have now.


you were using dc proxies before?


I have often wondered how many customers Jarvee has as well.
I have had less than stellar response from their customer service.
It seems they always give canned responses and they are almost useless, at least from the 40-50 times I have received responses


I think that they have tons of tickets :smile:


The support team is aware and they will add unfollowing via EB in the next days


I hope so ! only thing we can do now is wait


Yes they told me today
And I prefer they work on that instead of answering hundreds of support tickets


I think that they are working hard on it, still no reply from them :joy: