[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


Just been flicking through the comments. Do you guys think we need a solution where an account is managed via just EB or API, not a mixture of both. I think people who unfollow at night only are getting less issues, but those who F/UF at the same time with follows on EB only…will be flicking between API and EB all day from the same IP.


I don’t think it’s unusual you could have someone at a work desk with IG on the phone and on the computer, it’s just not unusual. I think however that JV producing no movements at all, or that JV is just following/unfollowing/liking/commenting without going through how a user would get to do that action, means the bots are easily detectable.


@Drav thats the clue. just dont use the bot on your working-pc and insta manually at the same time, when you are out of office. thats why i think i got the “compromised” message the last days. (=2 logins on 2 different places)


Hi Drav, but if you was on a work pc and on your phone…would the ip addresses be the same? huge point about how someone moves around on Insta.


yes @Neilos
that is no problem. just dont interact too fast


Some will be on the same IP as in company or home WiFi and then some mobiles will always be on 4g.


instagram could handle that. even my lte router, that localize me 200km away is no problem.

(was logged in and took actions on my phone in 4g locallized in city 1 and at the same time in the same account in my lte router wlan that localize me on their servers 400km away in city 2)

as i say, insta see easily who uses a bot.


if 4 accounts are running on the same internet connection, then probably there, is the first issue. Usually 1 account 1 ip


Just got another 2 clients hit with account “compromised” all 12 of them are unfollow blocked and follow temp blocked too. I am unplugging all of them thats too much of a risk. Time to move on to some other growth strategies.

I will be just using my own IG accounts for automation for some testing but if it keeps heading in the same direction I really can’t imagine I could make it work.


Have you been able to unfollow anyone through Jarvee today?
Thank you.


all my accounts are unfollow blocked as well as of today. =-( . FL and JV


What are all of the major vendors that people are using?


What else are people using and are those blocked too?

Is there a platform that does unfollow through EB?


So far today, I have not heard of anyone being able to unfollow through Jarvee



Many are unfollow blocked but some are not. Hoping for that jarvee update : )


Thanks at least the unfollow function is working for some people.
I am still deluged with temporary follow action blocks and now unfollow blocks.


I remember I read somewhere that it’s max. 5 accounts on residential broadband IP.


I received this back from Jarvee regarding the unfollow blocks

“Thank you for contacting us.

We will add an option that allows you to unfollow using the embedded browser in our next update. Please wait for it.

We’re happy to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind regards”


Thanks for letting us know!
I wonder how many more days until they release the next update


I asked that in my response! Still waiting for an answer!


So you saying slow the time between actions right down? What setting are you using if you wouldn’t mind sharing?