[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


These are being caused by API, basically once the dev team releases unfollow through EB everyone will be fine. Just turn off the setting for now and it will blow over soon.


EB is not a long term option…


Yes, lets hope they will also fix API


suspend unfollow for a few days
I don’t have these blocks but better prevent


Yes, but this blocks are only in API not in Instagram


And why do you say that?


Too much power ressource needed
Does not match how a normal user would use instagram
Maybe we don’t see the problems now, but they are there.


Do you know that 42% instagram users use WEB Browser ?


The software uses the Chrome mobile browser by default. If you wish to use the desktop browser, you need to manually change this.


Just tested one of my accounts logged in embedded on Jarvee to unfollow - which worked fine.


never heard of it, jv said no more than one when I’ve started


Yeah you can change the device ids and agent to dekstop browser.


Hello Zack, how does one do this?


JV is updated , now You can unfollow via EB ! :grinning::grinning:


so you have asked for the unfollow action via EB and they did it, someone can now try to ask for EB emulated on PC instead of chrome android, that doesn’t make any sense?


Do they use the Chrome App on Android or do they go onto the web on the phone and use the browser?

I have also contacted them and asked them:
To see if they can add more human like movements to the EB
To Check why the LE isn’t working (non of my accounts are receiving likes)
To check if they can change the EB from being on the phone to being on a PC.

Will update you when I have a response which might be in a day or so haha


LE must be people moving away from JV as in giving up! I pay extra and cant even get 400 likes over 48 sessions.


Is EB unfollow working for You after update? For me is skipping unfollow time 3:20 pm than 3:25 and so on …


Eh, it was actually really good while it lasted I guess. Do you have/recommend any alternatives (I know there is another thread on this but it doesn’t seem very active)


I’ve not using the EB yet because a lot of people will start using it all at ones and it could raise some flags. For some reason I am able to unfollow without using the EB on some accounts now, am I the only one experiencing this?

Edit: never mind, they getting blocked again