[DISCUSSION] Unfollow Blocks


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For some unknown choice, EB does not emulate your PC browser it emulates Chrome app, however if instead of emulate chrome app, they should go onto the web on the phone and use the browser, it’s still a no sense and a suspicious action for IG.

Since June everybody was agree about how much important is look human now more than before and as IG have an app, it doesn’t make any sense that someone would log in IG from his smartphone using Chrome on Android.

It does make sense only if you are trying to bypass a block. All this stuff it does not look so much as human behavior.
I mean, 95% of times I use Chrome, but on PC, 'cause everything looks bigger and I’m feeling more comfortable.

They were already questioned about this aspect but they never answered back, nor to me, nor to other users, at least for what I know. So it’s not clear if is a technical problem that does not allow to emu EB PC or what else.
Certainly is that at least for my noob point of view, if possible, would be better emu EB on pc rather than on smartphone.


Jarvee has updated and added the option to Unfollow via EB :raised_hands:


Tested and is working great on my end! :confetti_ball:


Same here, unfollow works fine via EB.

Don’t copy this new option to all accounts as it doesn’t work yet in this version of Jarvee. You have to check it manually for every account.


Agreed, so far it is looking good but still earlier in the testing.


btw as alternative to LE which I never used if not for the trial, I was using a chrome extension likepool.



I was able to reduce the occurance of unfollow block on my selenium bot by slowing down the unfollowing to almost of the new slow speed of following.


Cool! Where did you find this statistic?


how? because when jv was questioned about this, it didn’t say it was possible and the conversation died there


Please let us know how many you can do per day and also if you follow at the same time or same day?


Still waiting to receive the update.
It looks like you received the update several hours ago.
Did you logout and log back in to receive the update or I probably just need to wait before Jarvee updates my specific account?


Just got a unfollow, comment and like block instantly. Unfollow for one day and like until 15th of August. Any ideas? One more block wave?


Mine updated automatically around 2PM BST


Does Unfollow via EB work for you guys?


Nope… at all
Try to clear cookies but it do’t work


For me all tools stop working when I enable unfollow via EB.
The unfollow tool gives me (*) error and the other tools stop operating too.


Unfollow via EB is working fine for me personally. No issues


You do not get the (*) error with a red exclamation mark?
Are you running Likes, comment or follow too at the same time with EB?
Thank you for helping


I’m just running Unfollow as the only tool when I do this (nighttime unfollowing) on HC mobile proxies. No * errors. Been unfollowmaxing


I am also unfollowing exclusively using EB with HC proxies.
I am in the US and today is the first day (knock on wood) that I have not received temporary blocks.
I thought the problem was because the proxies are in Thailand, but perhaps JV’s update has helped.
Are you located in the US?
Edit: OK, I see that you are in the US
Did you receive a lot of temporary blocks using HC mobile proxies?
Also, are you following during the day and unfollowing at night?