Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


any bot which not jv or mp can send Dms, i can send Dms currenty using a bot called Soci…


Wondering how are the mother/child providers doing now when dm is behaving like this🤔


How many DM you are sending? And the account you use is new or old?


lmao wanna bet when support will acknowledge this topic? christmas round the corner, keep praying boys


At the rate this topic is being discussed, we’ll be lucky if we get acknowledgement before the new year, let alone a solution from them this year.


they will have to adapt and change tactics…=)


the 3 main thing are shoutout on post with tag in caption+picture , bio , an story
but i think dm is very effextive as it’s more personnal if CTA is good i think it’s the most effective of them that’s why they have to solve the issue


Hi to all people! At the moment is still possible to send 15 DM/day to new followers with JV? If not how can you continue with mother slave? thank you


Birdman99 thanks bro its work for me :heart:


Do’t give the name they will patch it also ah ah. But yeah it’s work there.


Its a level 2 thread, daniel replied 19 days ago -

Daniel said that its not a fault on their end but its IG’s problem, so basically everyone looking to automate their dms are on their own (mp team won’t do anything)


They are right and wrong in the same token. It’s an IG problem yes because the block is in there side, but the only reason for the block is because IG can detect that the msg is being sent with JV/M … so in other words, if they acknowledged their problem, and proceed to correct the way the DMs are being sent then this wouldn’t be a problem.

Because yes, there is other software out there that is able to send DMs… but they lack the rest of the features of a proper automation software, so that doesn’t really help. Pretty sad people are forking over all that money for their software and they wont even acknowledge the problem. And then they wonder why…


DMs are the only thing I need. Multiple people have mentioned “other software” that works yet no one gives out names.


Well, someone posted full bot names previously and that post disappeared a few hours later from what i remember.
Currently, the only clue there is (which is enough to find it) is:

The problem with those bots is the scalability. If only DMs would work here, it would be a goldmine. Most of us already know how to avoid blocks for m/c and need DMs for full performance (it is possible to get quite good results without them too, but still…)


Its not a secret which bots are able to send DMs… the names of those bots are being censored when we mention them. All a coincidence?


Fuck Jarvee and their customer service BS, they keep giving me the run around and I have done EVERYTHING they told me. Can someone please message me the bot thats working for sending DMs i need the solution ASAP, been down for a month


I second this :slight_smile:


They’re treating us like idiots by denying this issue


How unfortunate! Its working for me so it must be something you’re doing wrong. :blush:


why the bot soci… don’t have scaling bcs they offer it no ?