Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


I’m able to send messages on accounts that have just been doing follows and likes too. But what about the accounts that stopped sending?


glad that I am not the only one, clients reporting not being able to send in app as well, thats really bad


Eh, that sucks being its client management. How are you explaining that one away?


Maybe it’s a wave. I’ve got the blocks a couple days ago. Tried powering through, worked for a bit, then got blocked again.

Today, checked my accounts and they’ve begun sending DMs just fine. Hopefully no blocks later though.


How? You did nothing?


Changing your password releases this DM block 99% of the time


Tell clients to change their password - that fixes it.


Does it fix it for the software too? @birdman99


Unfortunately no. I was praying it did but it doesn’t.

I tested on 3 different accounts that were DM blocked on the clients device and software - client confirmed they could send DMs again but we couldn’t


The positive is at least the customer then believes its an IG glitch and stops blaming us. Whether that is true or not IDK.


I’m fine with blocks on the tools i guess but killing the DM tool that’s rogue…


Hope this helps, pretty much the same as everyone

Was sending ok after the last update a few days ago. Starting today no DMs, same errors as too many request…
All accounts hit, even ones doing 200 follows
All on EB, tried API same error


OMG that suggestion from Jarvee is SO useless! Why won’t they admit the extent of the problem here and why are not more people complaining?!? Can’t believe all they essentially do is blame the quality of our proxies lol


Ok so… Can EVERYONE reading this please flood their support inbox about this DM block issue. It will continue to be ignored if there’s no demand. If DMs are working for them then they should at least share how they did it.


they arent, of course

thats what happens when you try to bring real value to your customers 8)
only botters allowed


Anyone successfully sending DM now? I tried with some new account. It seems they can send upto 5/6 Dm then get action block.


DMs have been dead since 11/1 here. Bigger problems for us than not being able to send DMs


I have one client who manually sends messages to people who he had no conversation with.
He claims to send 3-5 of those per day max.

I never automated DMs for him.
And he told me he is blocked from sending DMs



Then he did something wrong somewhere i guess … Manually 4 - 5 DMs per day is extremely low

Let’s get some rest eh !


If the block he has doesn’t have a date - he can change the PW and he will be good to go again. Unfortunately that trick doesn’t work on the software though - just on the clients end.