Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


Eb is no longer giving DM blocks, just an Error 43 - can’t find add message button. I was able to send DMs on probably 50% of my accounts yesterday, while the rest had temp dm blocks. Today, no blocks… the error msg above. So it goes to show they’re actively making changes.


Aren’t these changes probably related to Messenger, IG an Whatsapp merging the messaging feature? That’s probably why they keep putting stuff in different places constantly like the send buttons etc? I hope after this merge or something, everything will go back to normal :pray:


Are you saying MP is making changes or IG


IG is making changes. How could it be changes within the software when the DMs were working fine a couple days ago in same version? I don’t know what the outcome will be in the end… but they are actively making changes to it daily, as some ppl were permanently blocked from sending DMs a couple days ago, while some were still able to send them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was still able to send 50% of my DMs up until yesterday… the other 50% were being blocked. Now today, I’m unable to send any DMs… but not because of being blocked, but due to the program not being able to find the send button(error 43). This is with sending via EB. Technically, we shouldn’t be able to send DMs via browser anyway… so wouldn’t be surprised if IG nukes that pathway… but the api should still be able to be fixed.


Have you tried on android app or iPhone?


I think it doesnt matter, but definetely not all accounts got this feature. As you probably know, each account logs in to a different version of app interface to make autoclickers harder to setup. Some interfaces have this feature, some dont


same getting Error 210 “too many requests” also not working on EB only

did them manually on iPhone and works fine with the same account!


Did you contact support to tell them?

They replied to me saying there was no problem with jv and that their contact/DM tool is working fine w/o any issues whatsoever.

I told them the exact “210/too many requests” error that’s happening on my hundreds of accts and they repeatedly just blamed the proxies I’m using w/o asking anything else about the issue - I’m using the same IPs I’ve used for ages yet every single one of my accounts was blocked from sending a DM on the same day with the same message that many people here have complained about. I informed them that lots of people on here were complaining about the same issue and they just replied telling me “not to believe everything [you] read online“!!

They just don’t want to know!

The really depressing thing is that means in all likelihood jv is not working on finding us a fix, so this does not look like it’s gonna improve any time soon. If so then I can’t use jv anymore and will have to give up bcos alternative growth methods are not working for me

PLEASE can anyone else who is facing the same issue contact support and let them know?


They do have a point that their tools is working as intended, the problem here is that IG is blocking your account from sending the message.

In theory the tool is working fine, in practice it’s not really working.

You clearly aren’t alone, and I seriously doubt anyone is still doing mass DMs without problems, regardless of method.


Would love an update from @StayStyled - probably sending more DMs than anyone (I know you posted a little about it - but curious if you’ve seen any change)


Don’t have necessarily all accounts affected with DM blocks. Around 30-40% of my f/u-working accounts are affected with DM blocks, both api and EB


I think @oneoneseven is doing a lil better here afaik, less DM blocks


These are all creating new conversations, right? Not replying to messages.

Are they scraping their own sources?

Trying to figure out if this has to do with API limits or if it’s specific to DM limits.

Specially with the coincidence of people getting blocks on scrapers at about the same time.


Sorry but in this context theoretical functions are immaterial; it’s a practical tool. Its functionality is the only selling point. If it doesn’t function in real terms no one will continue paying for it. It’s really not an answer for them or anyone to maintain its working “in theory”. Otherwise any fool could make a tool to automate actions and then claim ignorance when it falls sort of out-smarting IG’s blocks! Moreover none of my account are blocked from sending DMs; I can send them manually on the App. It’s plainly an automation/JV issue.
Support need to acknowledge there is a problem here and seek to devise solutions. Just like they did with the prior follow issues. If they do not or can not, they have little left to offer.
I’m also not aware whether any other bot is able to DM atm. Has anyone tested alternatives? It’s presently unclear if tihs is a universal automation issue or if it’s a JV specific matter…


I honestly thought the problem was with their API, as I’m running very low numbers on some accounts.
However putting those accounts on a phone doesn’t fix anything.
The first few messages work fine but it ends up being blocked. How many were you able to send through the app afterwards?

By comparison accounts that I’ve never automated are still able to send 30+ DMs daily without any issues.

It also helps to mention if you’re doing new conversations or replying to old messages, since the later works just fine.


Clearly, there’s something wrong with the bot. My accounts can send DMs to my new followers (no conversation history) using the IG app but can’t do it using the bot. Tested a few accounts already and I’m now certain. It seems like the bot’s API is a little outdated or it just could not keep up with IG’s recent updates. Regarding the EB, it looks like IG limited or somehow restricted creating new conversations via DM on EB as I can no longer send DM via EB even manually.


@kenshinemo06 - I have the exact same experiences

@synch asks an interesting question though - how many DMs can you send manually via the App? Do you notice a limit on that? So far, I do not
I think we’d be a whole lot less frustrated if Support said something more substantial than “don’t believe everything you read online”…like they do to me when I say it’s not just me enduring these DM blocks


Through EB you’re likely getting the “Please try again” error, which is kind of cryptic.
With EB I’m able to send 0-20 DMs daily, but with most of them at 0 or 1.

I was at least expecting the regular block message, at least that’d be clear.

I definitely have some accounts hard blocked, unable to send even on phone.
It creates the conversation but then I get the small red X next to the message.

Before this when sending them too fast you’d get an action blocked error when trying to create a new conversation, so it’s not exactly the same. Also, it’d go back to working after an hour rest.

So I’d say these aren’t the DM blocks I’m used to.


Yeah, all messages to new followers


I feel like this is a problem in Instagram. I tried manually connecting to one account that had this problem. I tried to create a conversation with new people, some conversations created it without problems, but they were also found where it said “there is a problem, could not create a conversation”, something like that.