Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


guess we all can agree, that if IG decides to switch things up/ start a trench warfare that JV devs would probably have a hard time catching up with me, just due to size of their teams…

Devs are 100% working on API and they are making progress, but during that time, other parts are fallling apart to the point when I am considering moving to Manual if anything.


I respect your knowledge, but I believe in this case you might be wrong. I still think it’s not the J issue, all tools can still work properly.

If I would have to advise all people at once:

  • stop using the tools that cause you problems completely, if you have problems with all tools- get a phone for that account and obsessively normal use it for a month.


what do you suggest when you have hundreds of clients accounts?


pointless to continue paying for soft + proxies and all other expenses

what you are essentially saying is, move to manual, which seems to be only reliable solution that shall work longer than 48 hrs straight without having to change everything


If you charge them 150$ a month I don’t see a problem with buying hundreds of devices. Money making = good. Money investing = bad?


you are completely missing the point here but ok. enjoy your likes, Foxnews approach in a nutshell


I’m trying to help, people are getting blocked and they have no patience, if you have blocks on everything then I’m sorry, you made mistakes and you have to give your accounts a proper rest.
By resting I mean not leaving the account but actually using it. Isn’t this better than just quitting?


a bigger picture, this business will slowly fall apart, sure rest, go slow, go manual, rest, test. Clients are getting impatient, not me. The fact that they are still paying for a half-working service with nonstop maintanance. Unless you are working with total degenerates, then you know what I am talking about.

Clearly Instagram changed the pace of changes which no devs can keep up with.


I really don’t want to be harsh on you, but who’s fault is that you went full on with all your clients into the storm? Instead of flying under the clouds you keep getting strucked by the thunders.


you reach businesses with 1 account or many of them ?


It is the JV issue.
I get blocked on 0 DMs on literally every account.
Try it on the phone manually 5 minutes later? - works fine.
Could it be the proxies? - Opened the same account through EB and could message random strangers without any problems. So it’s not proxies either.

Also in many cases it’s not this error but “Temporarily blocked until: [exact time - usually +6 hours]”

Reseting device IDs/cookies, changing proxies, resting for 3 days - does nothing.



I’m aware of that, the same goes with false blocks with f/unf on EB, J shows a block but you’re able to f/unf manually on EB through J right?
How is that only some accounts experience that?


We removed the proxy we were using and tried to send the DM via the IP of the server in software. Wouldn’t send.

Tested with Chrome mobile on the desktop (using the same IP) and still wouldn’t send.

I would like to see a few other test it, but that to me says its not entirely software.


I really dont understand these limitations honestly. There was a time i could get the same results with 50 slaves spamming whatever where now i need 3x as many to compensate actionloss. This only increases bots in my opinion. Could have just left me doing my thing with 50 slaves IG…


if the account is already blocked once from sending Dms on jv then where ever you open it and send Dm it will get blocked even if on phone or chrome, rest it 3 days and try again on phone/chrome and it will send Dms normally.

i also tried to send Dms with accounts never blocked before via vps ip as a test using EB they sent 6-8 Dms and then got error 43. and when i tried to send with clean accounts using the vps ip and using api they got blocked since the first DM and they got error 210 plus pv&AC.


For how long has it been stable after?


after they got blocks on jv i just rested them 3 days later i tried to send Dm not with jarvee and it worked but it’s just 1 dm i didn’t send that many tbh, and also tried to send Dm again with jarvee on those rested accounts using api and the first Dm passed and the second dm got blocked plus the account was compromised.


It’s Friday so i’m guessing there is another sh*tty update on the way let’s see what will happen after this one


i always say friday is the international instagram update day


it’s true seriously they always roll their updates on Friday, that’s rest day for all my accounts.