Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


I’m sorry but that’s not correct. I’m blocked on hundreds of accts from sending a single DM. I did not make any “mistakes”. If I did then the accts would have all been affected at different times, as and when those “mistakes” were made. But they all got hit the exact same day. This is either a problem with Jarvee or - more likely - an update from IG which now prevents most DMs (ie those to accts not engaged with before) being sent by automation. I don’t know anyone who can send these DMs right now.
We need Jarvee to accept there is a problem and try to find a workaround…


Completely agree! I have the same happening here


im using a different software and im getting dm blocks too… i doubt its Jarvees issue as instagram must have changed something as we are all affected ,not just Jarvee users


That’s really helpful thank you for sharing!

That’s also very depressing as it means we’re stuffed.I hope JV start acknowledging there’s a DM problem soon…


Clients are now starting to report a DM block on their end - I have received 5 emails in the past 6 hours or so.


This is looking worse and worse for us. It’s been totally unacknowledged as well which makes me even more worried…


So is this their response to M/S? And the API call limit is the response to MSV?

Sounds like it to me


I found the solution and now no more blocks for DM


If you have the solution, would you be so kind to share it?


yes please. thankyou


either share the knowledge, or dont write such statements at all.

and or dont offer consulting in DMs for bucks ))


Even Dm people who dm you first is blocked in jarvee, i tried to auto reply and also got a block “error 209”, but i can still Dm manually, soo jv need to fix this as many people said above it’s not 100% Instagram fault.


JV support always tell that they can’t replicate the DM issue and that they can send DMs via EB and API with no problem. I wonder what they’re doing exactly that all of us are not doing. They said try a different proxy. Did that, nothing’s changed.


Well, as soon as more than half of their subscribers start canceling their subscription to their bot then they will have to look for it and take this seriously for sure since Dms are import for all social media businesses.


I hope they won’t have to wait until that happens. They should be looking into this issue now. It’s already been a pain in our asses for a few weeks already.


I’m about too. They’re pissing me off.


Bro i got this 2 week now its not jarvee bug its new update api call from instagram and limit dms per days i have compromised accounts on dms for 7 days and i got temporaly blocked 4 days now on another accs so my opinion is a new limit per moth for dms and new year pi call update


I think it is related to the accounts trust score. For example I´m not able to send more than 10 DMs per day on accounts that are blocked from following. But I´m able to send 30+ DMs on accounts that are able to follow 100+ people a day as well. So there is only a limit for low trust score accounts imo.


They keep telling me that also. It’s nonsense! Perhaps they’re playing for time? It makes me so cross bcos they must think we’re stupid to believe they can send DMs and are not having the exact same problems. I don’t kNow anyone who can send DMs atm


Hey Jessica - something definitely happened on the IG side when it comes to DMs. We have had well over 20 clients now contact us and they are DM blocked on their phones. We weren’t doing any DMs for them. This isn’t just a software thing - its app wide IMO. IG has put some sort of limit on DMs that we are yet to figure out.