Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


considering its been weeks now, i dont get my hopes high, literally noone seems to be discussing this even though it affects a lot of people (it seems)


I rested my batch for 10 days and turned a few of them on today. All via EB. All said they sent 5-10 DMs but when you go into the actual DM inbox its blank. Confirmed with customers that no DMs were sent.

Tried to send manually again via the EB (copy and paste DM into the window) and it shows it sending but when you close the EB and reopen the window, the DM is blank again. I’m totally lost.


If DM’s don’t work for you maybe you should consider other ways to promote your account/ business. Being spammed with DM’s was the most annoying thing for the users, and yes- maybe your content/ service/ products are nice and useful but I was tired of getting over hundred messages a month about some clickbait phishing shit.
It’s the best thing ever that they blocked DMing people. If your offer is legitemate and valuable, you will profit from that in the long run.


Thanks for the advice buddy - I am well aware.

These DMs we are trying to send for clients. We don’t spam DM our business for the reasons you stated above.


His statement is kind of blunt on the DM’s. Not everyone sending DM’s is spamming or CPA’ing. But all good if he’s happy with DM blocks in contrary of the botting community.


none of that CPA/ or M/S bullshit here… working for local clients and I make them ROIs via IG DMs. cheers

thats why I give a fuck, of course someone who just uses jarvee for targeting #photography couldnt care less…



I do use Jv for that actually ^^’

And because all this shit i’m only able to send around 800-1000 DMs a day with my slaves (100). If we were back in Septembre, it would be more likely 5k+ …

Tryna finding patterns :smirk:


You’re still sending 80-100 DM’s daily per slave? The fuck? @denis1


8-10 actually


My bad :v: went too fast over it


So anyone having success with DM now?


Negative - not one sent since 11/1. Just told clients we cannot do DMs anymore.


2 of my accounts on home IP are able to send 20-30 DMs without any blocks (full api emulation, all others are blocked. These 2 are also connected to my phone and I reply to DMs through there, they are also old accounts with 20k+ followers so I’m assuming that account trust score plays a large part.


I’m able to send DMs on accounts that were only warming up(only follows, likes, story views). But all my other accounts that have been sending DMs, aren’t able to send any(atleast the last time I checked 5 days ago).

I haven’t turned on DMs on these accounts that are able to send because I don’t know what the safe new limits are. 8-10 a day, per account sounds about right?


Do you use EB only? And is there any link included in the message? I tried to start DM on a new account but it got block after sending only one message :unamused:


I’m sending DM’s with links, no spintax, all accounts send the same message and I don’t get blocked, 10 DM’s per day on accounts that werent bloocked for the last 90 days.


what happens when there is 10k spintax options? is that some sort of data scraping? can someone elaborate on a technical side?


you play it safe i think that’s the best move bcs if you add just 5 or 10 more , you can get troubles but try to add spintax for long term securing your accounts


Is it on api with emulation?


Guys, JV did release an article of how to fix the Blocked Dms issue, did anyone tried these two solutions they are suggesting ? also you must be using the lastest version of jv