Dm Error 210 too many requests, a full Dm blocks on JV started two days ago


So their solution is “use HQ proxies”. Why do accounts on my home IP get blocked then?


did you read the full article, and do that full api emulation stuff like they said


I’ve been doing full api emulation since they introduced it, doesn’t make a difference.


I have other people using it saying they manage to send 10-20 Dms per day, so this experience is not the same for everyone i see, personally I didn’t try the full api emulation dm yet i will soon but I did try another bot and the a account that had blocks on jv managed to send Dms on the other bot.


Care to share the bot’s name?


After how many DMs the accounts got DM block on JV? Also when you switched the account to the new bot, did you tested the DM within 24 hours? How many DMs did you send successfully from the new bot?

I have been testing with open source full API bot, and like JV/MP, follow and unfollow works great on it. When it comes to DMs, it sucks… So I don’t know what assumption or conclusion I should make from that, but I keep testing. Btw, I have been using 3G Proxy only (self-made) but cannot comment on the quality. It does follow unfollow fine so I guess is okay. Trying to solve the DM issue now.

As mention previously, would like to find out more about your testing with different API bot as I am doing the same. Not saying that JV/MP is bad or anything similar, just trying and testing different methods to find a solution and get stable data.


Kinda useless guide “use eb” failed to use eb? Try API…


Has anyone found a solution for this yet?

I’ve been resting the DM function for 2 weeks and just started with Full API emulation today with some of my accounts and all of them were blocked after about 5 messages, some even before 1.

EB doesn’t stick. I’m getting lost here.


same boat brother

have u tried the new method suggested by J team?


Yes I did with EB. Did not work well. Most DM’S get blocked after a few messages.


like what new method?


Any updates on this except the fact that replying is okay? I am not seeing many discussions about this issue here or other forums for some reason, maybe because they don’t need DMs, but for people doing mother & child strategy or any other method that involves sending DMs, this issue is somewhat serious.

DMs sent from EB or API to new followers does not work. I can hardly pass 3 DMs per day to new followers (if I am lucky 5 or 7 best case scenario). The blocks usually last from 1 - 3 days and not sure what assumption or summary I should make, because I have tested different software (both private and open source) and the result is the same.

It seems like the DM limits for block apply to other people too (which is around 5 as far as I can see).

I feel like Instagram this time has focused on DMs, because I don’t have much of an issue with follow unfollow for now but not being able to do DMs this time is bad for my own goals and purposes.

Any toughs on this or personal testing summaries that you guys want to share? What is your opinion and what are the plans as of now?



I understand your frustration. I started a thread about a week ago addressing the issue because as you said, no one seems to be talking about it. It got deleted by the mods for whatever reason. I proceeded to make a post in one of these DM threads… it drew some traction for a couple days, then fizzled back out. I’m actually shocked that ppl arent freaking out about DMs, as they’re imperative in pretty much all successful campaigns.

What me and a friend have come up with is that all our old accounts that were sending DMs daily, last time I checked were blocked. All my accounts that were just warming up, are able to send DMs. So that makes me come to the conclusion it’s an IG issue, and developers really have their hands tied with this one. We did some testing to see if we could send in app, and/or in chrome. Accounts that were blocked in m, were also blocked in chrome and the app. Accounts that are able to send in m, obviously are able to send in app and chrome. I haven’t tried sending DMs in approx 2 weeks, so I’m guessing they should be ready to send a couple… but I’m holding off until I find more data as to how many are safe to send.

That’s all the data I have on the subject. Only way for us to come up with a solution or answer is if we get more data.


seems to be some sort of “bigger” block

no real human sends 20+ messages to new users they havent had conversations with before

i can agree, older accounts with whom ive sent thousands of messages over the years are fukked

newly added accounts, however, can send DMs

there is clearly some scan/algorythm that can detect, to how many of your send messages people actually reply, as if looking for some CTR or open rate %


Yep, got the DM blocks today too. As you can see, I’ve sent thousands of DMs before.

@DanielAdmin any thoughts on this?



Today’s update doesn’t seem to work… my IG story viewer has stopped working too and, I’ve just got another AC after 10 days of rest


try other bot for sending Dms, some of them still work.


What bot would you suggest?
Sending DMs is the only thing I need


How are other bots able to send DMs on accounts that arent even able to send in the official app?

I’m able to do all other actions on these accounts. Just no DMs… no matter in the bot, chrome, or the IG app.


It appears that messages for me are working great!

Evert message has been sent out to Extracted users followed by a Secon

dary message.