Do SMM panels work at all anymore?

JAP worked well for me. Not sure I can link it though!

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Dm me it thanks

Which panels are some good ones that you know of??? I want to buy 20,000 Instagram followers that don’t fall off and I want to do this so I can just jumpstart my account and I’ll be linking my Shopify page to it and I just need followers because who’s gona trust someone with 5 followers :joy::joy::joy:


You should better buy an account rather than spend money on anything that’s gonna be purged the few next days/weeks :smirk:

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You think so??

Of course.

Fake followers is the worst thing ever. It still works as i know some people out there doing it, and they barely stay at a few millions of followers by buying every single day followers, that instantly get purged right after that.

It’s just useless to my mind, tho…