Do SMM panels work at all anymore?

JAP worked well for me. Not sure I can link it though!

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Dm me it thanks

Which panels are some good ones that you know of??? I want to buy 20,000 Instagram followers that don’t fall off and I want to do this so I can just jumpstart my account and I’ll be linking my Shopify page to it and I just need followers because who’s gona trust someone with 5 followers :joy::joy::joy:


You should better buy an account rather than spend money on anything that’s gonna be purged the few next days/weeks :smirk:

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You think so??

Of course.

Fake followers is the worst thing ever. It still works as i know some people out there doing it, and they barely stay at a few millions of followers by buying every single day followers, that instantly get purged right after that.

It’s just useless to my mind, tho…

any updates with this? are you guys still using smm panels?

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I just started a fully functional SMM panel - feel free to check out my approved Sales Thread, and let me know if you have any questions: