Do you get Temp blocks on Mobile Proxy?

Hi all, just a quick question - I cannot find via search…

Been using private date center proxies, its been ok - I do get action blocks (but I am able to still follow and like on mobile or EB). However, the time not working is hitting me hard as I do not have enough time in a day to reach my daily limits.

I just purchased a 4g mobile proxy and it has been running smooth. However, I just got my first temp block. Is this normal? I thought mobiles and residentials are the god of proxies? Do you get these action blocks as well with the 4gs?


Just an Update:
-switched to work only on EB and no blocks. using DC private proxies and 4g, under 200fl daily
-finally seeing numbers in the 100s. thanks!

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You can still experience blocks on mobile proxies.
It is all a big puzzle game.
Even having KING proxies, with bad settings you’ll hit blocks.
It’s all a combination of different matters.
The list is long but I am sure you can clarify many of your question by reading this thread.

Im not getting blocks on 4g sim, i get occasional on residential but when i do i just turn off/on the router and it clears. But what i had to do was to clone my JV profile delete the cache and reset the device ID, i think moving your profile to a 4g and keeping the old device changes little. Some i just had to start a complete new profile. Might just me tho!


I have HC proxies and am getting temp blocks on 60% of my clientele. I am switching everyone over to EB, some people have a block, some people become fine. There was a new API update a couple of days ago so thats where these blocks are coming from as my settings are very conservative right now.

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Hi, I advise you to only use EB and not the API

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Awesome thanks everyone for the help.

I also have HC proxies first time using them thats why… Ive been using the private data centre ones and actually they are not that bad. Im hoping switching to EB will help - testing it now. Frustrating when I cannot even get over 100 actions done per day on very modest settings at under 15 actions/hr

Just EB didnt do the job for me, but good luck maybe on 4g its different.

Yep, you will still get actions block here and there. Resetting IDS /clearing cookies normally helps, but be careful as you do not want to ruin your client’s account.

I only do client managed and following via EB had worked, and is working like a charm :slight_smile:

thanks Julianna

I was on dc private proxies and ran EB only before. It was smooth for awhile but still went to blocks… then went back to both api and EB when blocked and it was ok… But temp blocks were killing me.

Just switched all to EB again - working smooth! Im hoping the blocks dont come with the 4g proxies

thanks again

If you don’t have a good settings u will get blocks too. Try to be the most human posible.
I have blocks on some Acc using Raw Mobile of HC. Just switch to EB if API get blocks, because of the API of JV/MP are still with some problems and generate issues with Instagram.

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Hi Manual - yes i figured jv has some issues… i use another program before and that one connects better. I only started with jv last month. But jv has many other features!

My settings are really low - less than 15 likes and follows per hour, under 180 per day, long delays too…

For me everyhing works fine

4g Mobile & API + god like settings.


Niiice setup you have there, congrats. How many acc you run per 4g?

Yes OP, sometimes you get temp block on 4g also. Depends of the quality of accounts, botting setup and the provider of proxies

How many accounts do you run per proxy + do you run them in batches?

wow its good can you share your proxy provider

care to share your settings?

Good job, brother. Could you please share information on how many accounts do you use per 1 proxy? And do you rotate them?

Thank you

All my settings are from this forum, I use god like on the follows.

Using 4g dongles 10 accounts per dongle, rotated every 30 mins*. I import my own targets.

*Im considering randomizing.

That’s exactly what I’m testing right away… Thank you for the share!