Does LinkedIn Account Age Affect Block Rate?

Hello Team

Self explanatory title.

I’m wondering if anyone has a different experience in starting automation with aged accounts vs. fresh ones.

All opinions welcome!

There are many more variables with LinkedIn… I’ve found that the higher your SSI score the more you can push an account…

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Your link is not working. What is an SSI score? Is there a way to see its value for a given account?

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Social Selling Index… Google it…I corrected the link…

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Thanks for the insights.

I really am not looking for anything hectic right now. At this point I’d just like the accounts that I make not to get blocked in the first week, haha! At this point, the only account that has worked for me is an aged account; but that could also be because I used a proxy with it as opposed to running multiple accounts off my home IP.

I have some clients with new accounts sending out 100 connection requests a day but the profiles are really good and the people are real…

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Yeah, you can do a lot with good profile.
Even more with good email list :slight_smile: just import them and send all in one click.


It is low very low rate but LinkedIn has asked document verification many times.

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