Embedded Browser Login Problems + Fix

Because we have to follow through the embedded browser, let’s open a topic about how to fix all possible problems logging in the EB.

So we already got:

  • When you got the error Failed to login in the EB > Just open the EB and log in. However sometimes it won’t work, you get a challenge or it says password invalid.

When the password is invalid [FIX]:
Change the first letter of the password. Click on make the password visible and if the first letter is a caption letter make it a normal letter. If the first letter is normal make a caption letter.

When you get a challende:
I did not found a fix yet. However based on my current experience I know the client always need to click this was me in the Instagram app, so after I get a challenge I email the client. This solves the problem sometimes, but not always.

Are there some users who want to share their experiences? I know a lot of people are going through this struggles.


Why create separate topics?
Everything is on it: Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]

So you do not need spam, where the conversation will move on this topic and it will be the same again :slight_smile:
It’s better to stay on one topic and write everything related to it :slight_smile:
Best wishes

For real: I don‘t read the Mega Thread… and topics like this aren‘t annoying, it‘s helpful for people who don’t read every single post in the mega thread


I wanted to focus on EB login problems, but if I did something wrong feel free to remove this topic.

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The point is that you will see that this topic will then develop like the most popular topic on the forum.
We have already done this and it always goes the same way.

But in the main action block topic they are mostly talking about the like feature not working, this is not the main subject in that topic.

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Let this Lord decide.

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Blocks are happening on both EB and API after a very short time. Are you not experiencing this?

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If we are going to talk about issues with the EB, this is fine, but if turns into yet another action block topic, it it getting moved to the mega thread.

Do you really prefer to have 10 different threads instead of 1? If you are not keeping up with the mega thread, having to read a few mini threads won’t be much easier.


Thanks for doing this. I have a few issues I’m dealing with regarding EB.

  1. On Day 2 of using EB, a small % of my accounts are yet to run a single action but they are not blocked in EB

  2. A small % of accounts are marked as valid, the the action won’t take place because it says the account is not logged in.

Curious to thoughts on these two. Will report back with a fix, working on it now!

Pretty important topic I think - I also had to use the EB to avoid follow blocks, and I assume most users haven’t read all of the mega thread.

Agreed, I’ve hit 1 hr temp blocks here and there, but that’s about it.

Regarding point 2: did you try to log in in the EB and not close it? This always works for me.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try! How long did you leave it open for?

Okay, Looked further and this is actually affecting more accounts than I thought - they likely should have ran 10-20 follows by this time today.

Any thoughts?

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What I notice is that many of our clients accounts are blocked from API and EB now - but they can all do actions on their phones.

yes, some of my accounts are doing less actions than they are supposed to.
Would love to know why…

You might have too many accounts than your RAM can support, that was my issue here.


Okay, I’ve solved for these. Let me know if you have any issues with them and I can write out what I did.

Next issue I’m dealing with is a constant Email Confirmation loop on few accounts after a Device ID reset

Any thoughts?

Thanks! I’ll try upgrading the RAM