ER down. What do you do?--

My accounts across the board ER is down big time. They went to normal levels a week ago but down greatly – in one page to 2.percent normal at 4-5. I don’t know why honestly. However, something odd – my follows are up double- triple some days normal other days.I get asked what to do. Simple wait, see there really is nothing you can do. Yes, you could buy likes and ruin the account that is up to you. Just wait folks – get use to Insta, days of shitty ER and great er.
In other words, ya not alone


This is a widespread problem and it was discussed here in the forum in a few posts lately.
It is also present ina account which do not use any automation.

Instagram makes changes to its algorithm and I can see the ER being very diversed between each post in the same profile. I guess we will have to adapt and make sure to post the best content (this is what this platform is about in the bottom line)


the best content won’t help if the feed is cold. My thinking is that something in the explore is getting worked on or a bug, gotta wait it out.

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I hope you’re right!

My assumption is that instagram uses its AI to predict if a post is a relevant for a follower of yours. Only an assumption.


your assumption is fact.
that is why the first 10-20 minutes of the post is critical to the life of that post.


My assumption continues with this algorithm doesn’t seem to think most of our followers collected using f uf will have an interest in out content…

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that is one of the many pages I use for reference along with my own accounts. It’s good to know other pages stats for reference and not losing ones sanity. Notice the 2 percent drop May 1’st.
This is a strong healthy account getting hit. Kinda like the first of the year. If history is a guide, it will go back up across the board to.


My recommendation is to remove ghost followers. If anyone is interested in trying that out, I just wrote out a guide on how to do this:

I don’t think so. Feed will always power the follows and growth. f/u and feed are related. The hotter the feed, the better the followbacks

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stop automation for 1-2 weeks and post several times from your phone and use your phone for actions( liking comments on your posts and replying back to them use dm …etc ).
your engagement will get back to normal, that what i did for my account when ER dropped

i think its something have to do with too many API requests

if you are not using any automation then its just IG algorithm just hold on to your seat and wait for things to come back to normal.

Looking at your stats, I can see that you’ve seemed to enter an downward engagement spiral on IG since May 1st.
So IG sees your account losing followers daily and it thinks your account is becoming unpopular/dying, so it will reduce your reach.

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it will be back with or without automation

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i hope so to be honest

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that is not his account bro :wink:

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Oh haha, I misunderstood. Thanks for clarifying :grin:

Instagram algorithm changes are coming. Try removing ghost followers, as Instagram doesn’t favor your account if you have a bunch of followers not engaging with your post.

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If the feed is bad nothing on the planet will help

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Btw this one of my accounts in today’s feed

Anyone notice with clients that ER is the new follower? It’s crazy because most clients cannot get their heads out of their asses. They think their content is the BOMB, and it’s not. I flat out call people out now and they appreciate it. I’ve recently written some detailed articles on the topic, but the most fascinating article of them all I read went under the radar. You should check it out. It has to do the the psychology of a like these days: - I believe this is a major factor in low engagement.

But this concept is a bit too heavy for my clients so I do what I do best. I break it down in language they can understand.

“My engagement is down.”

Answer (here we go!):

Let me guess, you have 60 percent more followers today than you did a year ago, but even fewer people are liking your posts than did back then?

Don’t worry, you are not even close to be alone. Millions and millions of people are dealing with. It’s been so dramatic that I started researching why and it boils down to two reasons:

1. More Users = Less Engagement

2. Your Content!

"Yep, engagement is down for everyone. Get used to it. Why? First off we are dealing with real people. We are engaging with real people who come back to your account and make a real person decision to follow you and engage with your content. We have to ask ourselves why these ‘real people’ are not engaging.

We can only speculate, but here are some commonalities:

  1. Instagram is saturated and growing at a pace they can’t control. With that growth comes problems. So there will be dips and spikes in engagement. Keep in mind the more people, the more competition.

  2. You are not continuously testing and refining your content.

But let’s say you are continually coming up with the most engaging content, testing it, refining it. I want you to know that you are doing everything you can do at this point, but no one, not even my company, can force real people to like your content. All you can do is keep striving to put out the best content while we keep changing your targets out.

Think of it this way, if you cancelled now and did nothing can you imaging the shape your account would be in?


Outside of the article I posted above I really think we are entering a world where great content is hard to come by. There are only so many times users are going to like a travel couple sipping tea on a cliff with an Elephant. Everything has been done. It’s time to scale back and really connect with your audience in an authentic way. It’s not about the best images anymore, it’s about the messaging. Some of the most engaged content is heart to heart videos people put out. Not some chic with a new skin care mask or some shredded dude doing triceps pull downs with a box of protein powder next to him.

Connect with the audience. Personalize.

Then maybe you can get a like from people who are no longer giving them out like they used to.

Think about it. We used to scroll the feed and like, like, like, like, like, like, like. I watch my wife now. I pay attention to her habits. She scrolls and scrolls and barely likes. I asked her why. She said 'it’s all the same shit’

Would you believe I deleted my Instagram account 2 years ago? I had about 50K followers and rolling, but wanted to focus on the biz so BOOM, gone. I’m on Facebook still. I pay attention to my actions on there and can see I like/love posts that have to do with me. For example, I’ve dealt with anxiety in the past. I stop for those posts, like them, comment on them because it’s more personal. There is a connection.

I’m into intermittent fasting, training, diet, but do not like anything influencer like or from someone I really don’t know. Now when an old friend posts that they are training I throw them a like or if I see an article on fasting I read it, etc.

Point is liking / engagement is really personal these days. Get used to that.