Expert in Slaves accounts settings

Hey guys,

I’m here to find an expert in M/S strategy growth.

Please dm me now if you think you can help.

Many thanks,


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Honestly, you can find a lot of information here by just searching.

It’s not a new thing, but no one is going to give you the exact steps they use even if you do pay them to teach you.

Save yourself some money by being active here and participating.


Maybe he’s looking to hire and not to learn. @Mimo is that so?

You should learn this method from this forum and from the topics that are found here :slight_smile:
Clearly, you need some time for rehearsals and tests.
Achieve an additional level 2 and 3 on the forum that’s also even more knowledge is on this topic.
He verifies everything.
But if you do not care about time or knowledge and want to outsource it to someone.
It’s how you can find the person here for it :slight_smile:

Write to these people:


Exactly! I can pay to save time

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Thanks a lot bro!

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as you type in the option you search> M / S then you will get topics, go to it and a lot of people mention there people who do it :slight_smile:

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Yeah the amount of accounts it’d take is usually in the thousands so paying someone seems reasonable to handle it for you.

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There’s not many good guides here on Level 1 - this is my summary of how to operate a slave

Feel free to link other good threads about slaves from Level 1 here!

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Thanks a lot! :ok_hand:

Literally telling you how it is with one click.

This community is unreal. (In a good way)

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What do you mean in the thousands? How?

Thanks @Arthuditu! :slight_smile: just saw this lol

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