My slave account tactics

I can’t find a step by step guide (I assume there’s one in level 2) so here’s mine.

    1. Create using this guide [GUIDE 2019] How to create Instagram account's 🔥 (and start making $$$)
    1. After sitting for a few days, add it to Jarvee under a raw proxy from Henrycooper (will use 10 per proxy)
    1. Warmup f/u to 195 of each per day, starting at 20-30 per day and upping by 20 per day
    1. Take photos from Pablo or and post one every couple of days, using “campaigns” in Jarvee.
    1. DM every new follower, promoting the main. This is found under tools – contact – send message to new followers.
    1. After a couple of weeks, add reposting of the main
    1. After a couple weeks more, add a link to the main in the bio

Please feel free to correct any flaws and add any improvements of your own.


Great plan! I would sugggest you to start and open a thread in the journeys, this way you can share your progress and other people can chime in and add there experiences. Most questions and problem come up while excecuting the plan :ok_hand:

Your kind of summarizing what @bakedcookie pretty much details in this link lol except for the use of @HenryCooper proxies. Anyways, here’s the link. @bakedcookie goes into great detail about this.


I’m blushing rn :flushed:


His warm-up method is decent still. The timers for the rest are a good thing other people should take in consideration. Not a bad thread afterall


Great guide, only thing I would change is the warmup time - I would wait out longer before starting to warm it up (about 2-4 weeks) and it could be better by warming it up slower upping by max 5 a day and starting at around 10.

Recently I have hit blocks even with upping by 10-15 a day so be super cautious.


Is reposting from main considered safe I think it will raise red flags when XX accounts are reposting the content

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Great tips! TNX :muscle:

Any blocks for follow ?

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Thank you a lot for sharing this !

Thanks for this guide. Why do you recommend to add link to the main account after couple weeks? Is it risky to do it earlier?

It usually adds after 4-6 days, because in the beginning he wants to warm up the accounts and adjust the target accordingly.
And, of course, make sure that no one will report me (although 100% can not be eliminated)
Then he just added a link to BIO.

Thanks for the help! Big time!

These tactics are outdated due to the new action blocks I would personally suggest going much slower.

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Please don’t move this to level 2 as most people who participate cannot access it. If someone thinks otherwise, please PM me and let’s discuss.


Hey, sir, don’t forget to add the photos you can get here for free, as profile pictures!

The good thing about it is that you won’t have any issues, as those images are generated via an AI and are not real


Improvements on the above:

    1. Like all comments made on slave photos, using tools - like comments - sources - like own posts comments
    1. Comment on target photos mentioning main. For example “Is this the same place @main visited?” for travel niche.
    1. When reposting, check “tag original post user” (it will be the main).
    1. If you are working with just one main (not lots of clients), check “enable follow different users across all accounts” using settings – social platforms – instagram. Also enable to scrape, like and comment different users.
    1. Post content on both wall and story, using campaign – advanced settings – instagram.

Don’t you have action blocks with this warm up ?

how do you warm up your new create slaves accounts?

Low number of daily follows (20-30) increasing daily over a couple of weeks to reach 180-200 per day.

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