Exponential vs Linear Warm-Up

As I have to deal with some follow blocks these days and I don’t know either creating/using the accounts on the same IP or bad/too fast warm up settings causing them, I’m about to rethink my warm up strategy.

I want to make the account as human like as possible. So I thought it might be better to set the warm up for the Follow Tool more like this:

Week 1: increase follow +5 per day
Week 2: increase follow +10 per day
Week 3: increase follow +20 per day
Week 4: increase follow +40 per day

instead of this:

Week 1: increase follow +20 per day
Week 2: increase follow +20 per day
Week 3: increase follow +20 per day
Week 4: increase follow +20 per day

The first setting looks more like a process of addiction to Instagram in my eyes. Moreover I think the account is more sensitiv at the beginning and the trustscore raises by time.

What are your thoughts on that? Did you already compared exponential and linear warm up settings? What we’re youre experiences? Im looking forward for you sharing your results.

Have a nice one :slight_smile:


I use the second option you have up there +20 each day but I havent tested your other option you have +5 every day.

Also I do get some follow blocks on a few of my accounts. Not many. But they seem random. Like some accounts can do the +20 warm up then after 5 days of warming up the get blocked at 1 follow. Really weird. I think it comes down to the account quality/how it was created more than anything.

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
Until now I used +25 per day.
With how many accounts did this warm up worked well? Do you start of with 20-40?

Yes, I think so too as Im reading a lot about creating HQ accounts at the moment.

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I start off with low follows the very first day after profiling and do +20 a day as the warm up. I would say only like 5%-10% of accounts get a follow block. Sometimes it seems like the account is permanently follow blocked no matter what proxy is used so I just delete it if it is and add more accounts.

I buy accounts though I dont create them so I think it comes down to how the account was created.

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Do you change username, bio and profil pic at the beginning on one day? In the interface of jarvee? Or split up into different days?

Do you know where you can buy good accounts with og e-mail? I want to build some HQ accounts for the longterm

The exponential warm up in detail would look this:

Week 1 (+5 per day)


Week 2 (+10 per day)

Week 3 (+20 per day)

Week 4 (+40 per day)


Yeah I change the username, bio, profile picture in Jarvee all on the first day. I noticed I get some bans from this 1 day after like 10-30% ban rate and I am still testing trying to figure out what is causing this.

Some people say warm up for a few days then edit them and it helps
Or dont edit the username

If you are looking for long term accounts I would create them yourself on your Home internet or phone internet on your phone through the app. Those will be the best Quality rather than buying any.

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I saw some warm up approaches too. Maybe split the profiling process into different days that it looks very random. Im not experienced at all but the most human like behaviour in my eyes is in this range:

  1. changing profil pic
  2. changing bio
  3. changing username

I would say this in case of a niche/non person related niche. Like someone gets inspired trough Instagram and likes a niche, uses a picture he saw on the feed, put something niche related in his bio and at last he decides to make his name niche related too. Maybe this 3 profil changes split up in 7 days will do the job. But this is just speculation.

Yes, youre right. I think trough the Instagram mobile App is the most common and human like behaviour as Instagram is so phone based and the Desktop App was just released in the last months i think so. Now I have to learn how to root a phone and stuff like that, that’s hell of a learning but lets do it! :smiley:

Even if you buy them, did you tried already creating them? For what are you using your accs Mate?


I do the first strategy to warm up my accounts, never have a problem with settings. Usually the most important things are the account and proxy quality, those are the two things you should really care, bot settings are easily tested and won’t take too much of your time to perfect them to your situation.


Okay thank you guys :slight_smile:

Thats really important to know!

Do you use +20 per day too @JackGagger ?

My proxy has good quality but the way I created my accounts was just a beginner mistake. I have 6 and 3 of them we’re created on my phone, the other 3 on a browser with some extensions to hide User information, IP and stuff like that. But I didnt used different IPs I think so…

Do you think thats why im getting all this follow blocks?

Could be too fast of actions.

Are you running all 6 on one proxy? Or all 6 on your home IP?

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I go with the first strategy, but I don’t do weekly increases, I do them daily, like:

Day 1: 10 follows
Day 2: 20 follows
Day 3: 30 follows

I have both great account and proxy quality, so I know I can push even more if I want to, I just like to be careful. By the way, you get better account quality, when they are created on phone, as Instagram is mainly a phone application.

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Im running all 6 on a mobile proxy. @RustyBread
On mobile proxies you can run multiple accounts. I think 5-10 shouldnt be a problem.

Yes, I realized that too. I will learn how to root a phone etc and create them trough the mobile app.

So you do increases by +10 per day? = 50 days warm up when you want a follow setting of 500? @JackGagger

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I actually think +10 per day is the smartest way even when it takes damn long but its the safest of course.

No, that was just an example, I usually increase 20-50 follows per day, depending on the account and if I’m feeling extra careful or not.

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Do you create your accounts manually or buy them?

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Yep the account makes a huge difference I have tested accounts with NO warmup and they have had no problems of course on mobile proxy :grin: @HenryCooper accounts are solid, all his stuff is for that matter :+1:

Just to be safe I put accounts on the mobile proxy manually follow accounts in the same niche 10 or so and let it set for a few days then make changes/bio ect and start warm up. The only thing I get is a EV, and sometimes do not even get that when adding to proxy.


I’m guessing there are people who make it work fine either way.

Personally I don’t increase to start with, I have them for a week or two just doing a minimal amount per day, like 20-30 follows, or recently 20-50 follows on stronger accounts, and with big gaps across the follow period. And then after the week or two I’d start increasing. On past accounts I increased by like 25 per day (more or less) and it would get up to a few hundred follows per day, and then if I got around to it I’d manually change it to increasing by 40 or 50 or so follows per day. So that was basically following the exponential increase idea. But I prioritised a first week or two of just doing not many follows. But I could also probably have easily set it to increase by like 30 per day after those first couple of weeks and just let it build up each day until the maximum number of follows.


Strong Setup! Yes actually same idea behind it like the exponential setup
So how many weeks is your warm up on average? Which is your max follow at the end?

Not sure exactly, I guess it drags out to 3-4 weeks.

Nowadays around 800