FAQs about using MPSocial and common problems and issue

Here are some of the questions I constantly get via PM, will put them all here so we save time for everyone:

Q: Can I change my username?
A: No, usernames cannot be changed.

Q: I don’t have access to some threads, why is that? Can I get access, can I pay to get access?
A: The forum and its users are organised in levels. The more active you are, the more trust you will have and will be able to access other parts of the forum that are hidden to public. You can read more about user levels here. You cannot skip the line and you cannot pay to get access.

Q: I meet the requirements to be promoted to the next level but I wasn’t promoted
A: The promotions are automatic, when you meet the criteria your account will be promoted, there is nothing else I can do or check, just wait a little longer and continue to be active.

Q: I got "Account temporarily on hold"
A: If you disregard the forum rules other members will report your posts/threds and you account will be on hold, that means you can only read, you cannot participate in the discussions anymore. That will pass with time, please be patient and don’t PM me to remove the hold, it’s your duty to read the rules before breaking them.

Q: My thread/post was deleted/hidden - why ?
A: Honestly, except the case I did it myself, I have no idea and generally have little time to check why ( so do not PM me about this). The most common reason is that you broke the forum rules. For low level users getting several reports from different members will automatically do this, an admin doesn’t even have to interfere. It works like this in the hopes of the community self regulating at some point.