[FEATURE REQUEST] - Which one would you find most valuable?

Hi MP Linkedin community,

With Linkedin becoming more and more popular amongst social media automation experts, I wanted to share with you a couple of pro features to really take MP to that next level, allowing it to compete with its counterparts.

  1. The Connector / Contact / Search and Connect / Search and Contact tools should count the action inside statistics, only if it was performed successfully and not if the tool was simply launched.

  2. Show connection rate/reply rate based on user tags.

This would be insanely useful for split testing across multiple demographics or even messaging sequences.

  1. Send a different message based on the user’s reply by scanning for keywords, if they say Not interested for example, they could automatically receive a different message.

  2. Extract email based on TAG. This would be very useful for those doing client management, so they can extract only the emails that really matter.

If their client has 1k+ connections when importing to MP, which is most likely, it would take the tool at least 2 months to go through all of them before extracting the new emails.

  1. The like/comment tool should work similar to IG’s, so it goes to the user’s profile and leaves like/comments after/before/while connecting/messaging them.

Please let me know which one would you like to see, or if you have any other suggestions.

PS. Did you know that you can use MP to automatically extract emails, allowing you to grow a 10000+ virgin personal email database of C-level execs, that you can use to run email campaigns?

You can also use the list to invite them to connect with you, and grow dozens of accounts from 0 to 500+ connections in weeks.

Extract Emails tool
Wait between 1500-10000 secs, 1-2 per operation, export results every 24h.

Invite tool → Import Connections from Emails
Wait between 3600-7200 secs, 5-10 per operation.
Invite between 5-15 - increase daily by 3-5 until it reaches 40.

The more you know…

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