Follow Block for the past 5 days?

I’m sure this topic has been brought up, but has anyone gotten out of this block? If so, how many days and do you have any recommendations? 7 of my client accounts are getting hit with these, settings are very randomized with large gaps, nightmode is randomized enabled with 9 hours. Only doing about 347 follows and 379 unfollows per day. Only f/uf. What’s going on?

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Says I don’t have access to the topic?

Yeah it’s level 2, and not really helpful in your case as you don’t have access.

A summary is that yes, many people are experiencing it, even with up to 5 days of performing no account actions.


as someone who is lvl2, i only have 1 client that is hit with this, right now nobody has the fix to this apparently, everyone is just waiting, as soon as the fix is available it will spread like fire throughout the forum regardless of lvl1 or lvl2 so dont worry and hold on tight, keep visiting the forum every now and then, we’ll get through this. everything will be alright. you’ll get back to having clients that do not bother and just send the money at the end of their month.


Have the same problem, since 7 days

My clients cant follow anyone, i deleted them from jarvee but it is still the problem

when they follow someone through their phone the number of followings goes from 30 to zero again
after actualizing the page

very cringe but i have some hope that we solve this

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trust me, i have been visiting this forum literally once an hour to see whats going on in regards to this. I now have seven clients who are experiencing this. Very stressful and nervous to add more accounts on now. This prolonging follow block has discouraged me to do reachout because i dont want more of this to happen.

One of my buddies ended up giving the accounts a rest for about 2-3 days, then he reset the device ID and changed proxies. It worked for him, I did it for one of my clients and the block persisted again.

Yes, there seems to be no way to lift it.
If it’s even on the client’s phone there is not much you can do about it besides wait…

For me and a few others the first accounts that are blocked since one week are able to follow again now. 2 accounts out of 8. I assume soon they will all work again. But lets see.

And hope of course Instagram doesn’t put this block on us very often in the future

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This would be the end of F/UF, At least for client management.
We will have to adapt and find creative approaches when this day comes

Do you think it might be a bug? I know some people who arent able to follow and they arent even growing their accounts.

I do hopeso, out of 3000 accounts I have on Jarvee about 3-5% are experiencing it. I am noticing around day 5 Jarvee can follow 1 account then the block is reinstated, its likely going to be similar to the hashtag ban which is 2 weeks at the moment . (Commonly thought of as a Shadow Ban)

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Whats the story to get 2nd level access? Just community engagement?


basically. that and offer as much golden nuggets to your fellow forum member, read this for more info User Levels Explained


I am facing the same thing with my account>>>>
Follow Block from last 6 days…
I am performing no actions and still the same.
What the hell is going on with instagram…
I chnged proxy and device id but still the same outcome!!


If I get zero work done and live on MP social I will get to level 2, serious pre requisites for a busy business owner

  • visit at least 25 days, not sequentially
  • cast at least 100 likes
  • receive at least 200 likes ( this means you will have to be helpful and friendly within the community)
  • reply to at least 150 different topics
  • enter at least 350 topics (this means read them)
  • read at least 1500 posts ( a post is a reply, a topic/thread can have many posts)
  • spend a total of 600 minutes reading posts

Is there a bot for this lol


not unless youd like to risk getting permanently banned lol it’s a journey no doubt, but its worth it…at least that’s what I keep telling myself until I get to level 2 haha


LOL, Instagram botters worried about account bans !! Well I wish you well on this journey to lvl 2


Guys I have an account which is still blocked since 9May…

I changed the proxy 2 times. Stop it. But each time i tried. Block again…