Follow/unfollow and m/s are not the solution. How to create the engagement cycle

Hi guys!

After some months using follow/unfollow and mother/slave method, I discovered that I gained thousands of followers, but my engagement is still trash: SURPRISE!!! The reason is that Instagram is a social network and it implies socialization/interaction apart from clicking the follow button. NO CONTINUOUS INTERACTION = JUST TO INCREASE THE FOLLOWER NUMBER

I’m trying to keep the interaction (liking and commenting on the new posts) with all my followers that have less than 1000 followings (if they have a lot of following they never see my interactions or my new posts). I find some difficulties at that point:

-I turned on post notifications of a lot of users but somedays I miss some notifications. Is there any way to register who post each day?

-Also, I would like to have a register of likes received daily (who is interacting with me).

I scraped with Jarvee and usually, I open hundreds of tabs in the explorer with the user accounts to check if we are in the same niche and to set other actions, but I hear that there are some tools that could help with this kind of register/notifications: socialblade, ninjalitics, etc. Also in Jarve I could scraper daily all my followings and scrape also the additional information (in concret: date of the last post), but doing it daily would be tedious.

What do you recommend me to keep the interaction? Any comments will be welcome (even if you just pound your keyboard xD).

The only way to win IG is good content

Mother/Child and Follow/Unfollow is purely traffic acquisition. If your content sucks it wont help

Yes Follow/Unfollow not the best for engagement, but Mother/Child is great for engagement if your content is good. Some of my clients are 10% engagement and we grew them 10k+ from 0 followers with Mother/Child

Also liking and replying to comments / putting up polls stories helps with engagement which nobody can do this for you without risking your account getting Locked… they just dont tell you this part lol

Best thing you are doing, randomly liking your followers posts and content - it makes your trust score really high as it shows selfless activities AND your followers will see your content more as IG considers you “close” connections


Mother child done with the right person and right targeting absolutely increases engagement. I saw a great increase with both people I used liked views comments saves all of it. So check your targeting because a lot of people are selling crappy service even follow unfollow should be targeted always use an @ for your targets never a hashtag that’s the bad ones usually

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Use these methods and promote (using IG ads with correct placement) your feed posts with 2$ budget and get hundreds of likes.

Fake it till you make it.

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One way of boosting the engagement rate is to share and save the posts. You can have your scrapers save the posts of your main account if you’d like.


Thanks for the reply. I agree with you, the only way to win IG is good content daily (or often)… Actually, my content is good, my main problem is the frequency of posting.
I only post 1 per week…(yes I need more time to take more pictures :sweat_smile: )

I was wondering, which is the weekly minimum post to keep the engagement afloat for you?.

I am really interested in the concept you mention “selfless activities”. I do some saves, and also likes and storey views of my followings, could you tell me something more?.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the reply. Ok, so imagine you have 10k followers, and you just post new photos frequently and sometimes some polls or stories. The original 10k followers will be bored of interacting with you if you don’t interact with them, so finally you’ll have 10k non-engagement accounts (even increasing the number thanks to M/S). How do you keep the engagement then?

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the reply. So, 2$ per post?. Could you tell me something more about the “correct placement” you mentioned? Some people say that this strategy in the long term could reduce your engagement (cuz IG wants you to keep paying). How long do you still paying?, after reaching 10k followers?

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the reply.

Do you mean to share posts of other users? Even viral posts?.

Do you recommend save using save tools or just turning on contextual options?. When I started with J I thought that fewer actions meant less probability of blocks, but finally, I decided to do different actions to avoid looking like a bot.

Thank you very much.

Search for guide how to promote posts from IG using Facebook ADs Manager.

That’s key, you are able to add there better targeting, these ads perform way better.

Chose campaing type for Activity > Activity under post

Make sure at placement put ONLY > IG Feed post

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Selfless activities being just liking and commenting on people’s profiles (including your followers)

You actually don’t need to post that much, it depends what your goals are. 2-3 times a week is fine.


IG Ads I’ve seen cost around $0.80-$1 per follower from Tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Canada

This is quite expensive, no?

We are talking about engagement under posts not followers from ADs.

do you have a link to this guide can’t find it, thanks

  1. Create great content. (This is key).
  2. Use options given to you by IG. like Reels, filters and so on.
    3.Use 10 relevant hashtags. Not the biggest ones and not the smallest ones. Around 200k-400k
    followers will come, engagement will come.
  3. Do this on 10-20 profiles.
  4. Once you hit 10K. on each you will use your own network to promote your main or whatever account/profile you want.

Not targeted followers gained are useless.

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I see that everyone suggested you to create good content but no one mentioned how to execute it.
Making good content alone is not enough it’s all about how do you manage to get the most out of that content. If i post a picture of skincare product with informative caption the engagement is going to be low because i didn’t add the motive to make my followers engage with the post. BUT, if i add CTA at the end of the caption people may respond to it according to what is the CTA about. Small details like this make huge impacts on your account ER, you need always to test new things, analyse your content every week/month, and see what get your audience attention. CONSISTENSY IS THE KEY

Also, try posting ENGAGING CONTENT such as simple quizzes, puzzles, riddles, or other interactive posts. People tend to interact with this type of content because it get their attention and make them curious abt the result and the process of solving the puzzle/riddle is entertaining and doesn’t take so much time (which is what the social media is about LOL).

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My followers have never become bored so you might want to consider maybe posting less often or your content needs to be interesting.

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Content is important only for conversions, not for engagement.
You can have the most engaging content in the world and if the algorithm won’t show it to broad audience, the post will do nothing. If you have mediocre content bit you know how to push the right buttons for the algo, you will get insane results, even with most generic, lame content possible. It’s a numbers game.


Start from scratch keep focus on the basics and most important fundementals. Build your way up and by experience you will learn how to twix and tune things.
If one had to tell you all the different methods to do things, that would have to be a written tutorial og step by step guide in several pages!
And at the end everybody has their own opinions. You always have some basic guidelines which is proven to workout best for everyone or the majorityn atleast. But how to do things so they workout best for you, that is up to you to find out.

For an example I see nobody mention timing either. When to post great content. When your followers are most active. As I said there is soooo many aspects in this, which can workout best for you. You have to find out yourself.

Let’s draw a comparison with another topic
It’s like wanting to loose wait. It all goes down to calorie deficit. When you are in a calorie deficit you will loose wait. But then there is a thousand ways and approaches to stay in calorie deficit.
Some swear to a way and others to different approaches which they believe is smartest.

Bottom line is. Find the way that works out for you and profiles.

All ideas given here are roughly brushed up guide lines. No one will give you a solid working solution. Hopefully, Only a pointing finger at the right direction, which again is up to you to find out how it works out best for you.


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