Follow Unfollow - No blocks - DC proxies - Settings

After numerous trials, I found out a way to ensure that there are no blocks using any proxies. Here are the settings that worked for me, for over 10 days now without any blocks or verifications.

Follow 1 user every 4-8 mins (This might look like how a human would search and follow a specific user rather than following some 10 people at a time, all my searching for names). Now thats about a follow per 6 mins. That should easily be 200+ a day. But since the limit is 200 a day, use the extra time to add random intervals in between certain number of operations.

Note: Make sure that you use one account per proxy (Max 2. You can use the scrappers too on the same proxy itself). And do not use sequential proxies. (Proxies from the same subnet seem to get blocks. I am not well versed with the technicalities and this is just based on my observation.)

Let me know if you find success too implementing this!


Is the 1/2 accounts per proxy a recent thing? I’ve been running 3 per proxy for months and I know people running 7 per proxy with no problems.

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I would like to try this. Which DC proxy provider are you using?

They might be working well for Mobile/residential proxies. I have encountered problem when i run more than 3 accounts on the same DC proxy. Even when i add more than 3 accounts on 3 different proxies from the same Subnet (sequential to my understanding) i faced problems

I used from 3 different sources. zproxies, proxyraja which is a local source and proxy6.

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you doin it on old bought accounts or fresh created ones?

I created the accounts on jarvee. So the Ip on which they are created remained the same throughout.

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Thank you! Are you using this kind of proxies with same proxy IP but different ports?

I believe that using the Proxies from the same country as they are created (Or whatever location they are mostly used) will solve the issue if you were to use on already existing accounts

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No. I am using proxies which have completely different addresses.

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Thank you for these settings, I will definitively give it a shot.

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Yeah, I’ll try this out too.

Are you doing any likes or contextual actions? DMs? Comments?

And which package from zProxies are you refering to?

IPv6? $17.5 p/m?

HI. Dont invest too much into this already. Buy a couple of proxies from a site like proxy6, preferably from your country and test it out for a week or so. There are a lot of things that we are unaware of, and it might have worked for me for so many different reasons. But i have a strong hope that this might work afterall.

And no, i am not doing any likes or contextual actions. No story viewing too after following. I am just doing follow unfollow, both at the same rate of one for every 4-8 mins.

I just started testing liking posts on another 10 accounts using different settings. Should they work out, i will post them here soon

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Zproxies ones are like this

Yes, they are that way. So i purchased 50 of them in a bunch like how we all do previously for scrapping and they work great. I used only one from each of those bunches of 50 now. So in other words, for this took investing 7$ for a proxy (Or 50 proxies) might be expensive. Picking sites which offer proxies for a dollar may be better for this cause

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This is an interesting one, thanks for sharing!

My settings are working with almost 0% blocks at the moment, so no need to change them actually. But following 1 user per operation would protect the scrapers and the source “followers of target accounts” might work better this way.

Can you tell us which source you used?

I will definitely test this with 1-2 accounts.


Thank You for sharing and I’m gonna give this a try.
Already running all accounts on Mobile Proxies and some are on full API and some are on EB.
I’ll start with API, as some account were getting hard-blocks in the last 2-3 days.
Again, Thank you

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If you could share your settings, it will really help the community.

I used “users who interacted with target accounts”


I could share my settings, it’s not that I want to keep it private for myself, but the problem with sharing settings is that some people copy them 1:1 which isn’t good for all of us.

Instead I will explain what is important in my opinion and why. Please keep in mind that my settings aren’t perfect even though I’m having almost no blocks. There are always few issues here and there which are solved often together in this community and in communication with the Jarvee Support. Also the Jarvee developers have a big impact on the recent improvements. So here’s definitely a big Shoutout to them.

No matter if using API or EB it’s important to perform actions without the least amount of same patterns. Therefore I highly recommend using contextual actions and random sleep times with big ranges in between.

Another important thing in my eyes is using the different tools Jarvee has together. That means even when you don’t think it’s necessary to like or view stories for example or you simply don’t need them use them just with a few actions per day for making the account running more natural smoother. Also make sure to use some before and after follow/like actions to randomize and remove patterns.

About actions per operation there are different approaches. By talking with other people low and high amounts per operation seem to both work fine. The only issue with big amount of operations I face at the moment is that in some cases it won’t perform the amount of actions we set when having moderate to strong filters or when using sources like followers of target accounts.

Hope that helps!