Funniest Most Active Account


Thanks, but I am neither “conspirative” nor a girl :slightly_smiling_face:
So maybe its the first option :wink:


Well if it would be first option you would play the game and see where it leads I guess… Some extra work for a slave is no pain.


True, and I totally agree with you. If I was in the position to do it, yes. But I had many issues with (mobile) proxies and accounts. Likely you wouldn’t believe how little the amount of acc.s is that I have… That is basically also one of the reasons why I asked for help here some months ago, but anyhow…

Lets discuss how BHVen should use the million he gets soon :wink:


You guys are all actually insane haha were gonna make this guy famous and its gonna be crazy. I only found the account because he commented on a post of one of my clients. He is not a client and I dont know him lol

To embed it I just posted the link, I didnt do anything fancy. The link has to be on its own line though I think.


If he really makes a million he could donate the money for free mobile proxies to all contributors for some time :slight_smile:


And when HenryCooper and the others are losing 70% of their clients, what will they do with BHVen then?! :blush: :fearful:

But your idea is good… DONATION! And the no.1-contributor of this forum (WORTIME) should have the honor to select the charity for it :slightly_smiling_face:


@all: a quick poll showed clearly that people here are believing that @BHVen gets one mio. $ :slightly_smiling_face: :

#TheTruth #DefinitelyNotAFakePoll :sunglasses:


Fully agree. It actually was @wortime idea. So he should have the choice and the full honor.


+9000 posts of him casually drinking coffee, it’s amazing content for an Instagram account.

By the way, would be actually insane, if this was an account or client from one of this forum’s members :smiley:


Some of his posts are kind of funny tbh.

“Drinking Jack Daniels from a white cup cuz it’s wednesday”

“My middle finger likes you”

“You know you wish you were f_/cking me”

This is he kind of quality content that keeps me here.


You guys are hilarious!
I am in as well :joy:


This guy is bringing “life in pictures” to whole new level :joy: #vlogwithphotos

Let’s make a MPSocial Community project for him. Everyone setup 1 Slave for this guy :joy::v:


@roy there is a community project for him: Supporting the Funniest Account - Who is in?

Have tried to reach out to Giovanni several times and make him part of the project. This guy is so locked up in his misery that he refuses all the love.

Even after he received 25k likes a day from this community he showed very few signs of making this fun together. Not the he needs to… but it was a pretty cool chance for him to get a sponsor (coffee shop or American plumber association).

I gave up on him. My slave was banned two times and gets constant PV. That was a clear sign for me to stop my involvement in this project.


Agree, lost two accounts on this so quit. Thought it was me but it seems not.


Now he also has highlights on his page. Something with a coffee cup :joy:


Yeah sad thing is that in some of his posts he is quite open about having depressions. Also at this point it was no fun for me anymore. Maybe it is good that pushing his account did not work out (in terms of impact on his depressions).

Probably was very unpleasant for him that the 25k likes where just dust in the wind… (SWIM saw this coming and asked people politely to be a bit more careful and SWIM was right).


Wow impressive :hushed:


You really create slave account for him ? :hushed:


Yes of course… that was the idea of this project and having fun together. Creating such an account is just cost of proxy basically and 30min investing your time.


That’s funny :sunglasses:


LOL I love people that do this.