Get back disabled instagram account

I just had an account disabled and i need to get it back asap. Does anyone offer this service?


have you tried to submit the form to IG requesting your account to restored?

Yes nothing has happened

I have seen lot of ads at “Black hat world forum” for those services.

have a read here, you’ll get a lot of ideas. Good luck

Edit: There’s also HC service you can try, but I would recommend to exhaust your options first on your own.

yes but keep in mind that most of them are frauds but that doesn’t mean that you should try.

You will have to manually send the request to recover your accounts. I think there’s no service that recovers disabled accounts.

how many times a day do you reccomend appealing?

I would say once a day as a starter then you can start doing that as much as you can per day until you get a positive reply.

You can try sending 3-5 per day til they get back to you.

They have gotten back to me and I sent in the code but no response. Just keep trying?

Yes, submit a new appeal, then reply to their email and submit a selfie, you should repeat those steps every day. if IG stops replying to your appeal, try using another email.
Have you tried submitting this form?